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Commendation for AJA

 Consular Commendation for AJA of SA


     On Wednesday March 25 at the Miyako Ginza Japanese Restaurant in Adelaide, the Japanese Consul-General, Ms Keiko Haneda, honoured the AJA of SA with a formal Commendation for our “distinguished service in contributing to the deepening of mutual understanding and friendship between japan and Australia”.  This presentation was made at a special dinner attended by the Consul-General, by the Hon. Grace Portolesi, Chair of SAMEAC, Mr Brad Vermeer, the Deputy Mayor of Salisbury, Mr Adam Wynn, Hon. Consul-General for SA, and Mr Masahiro Todaka, Vice-Consul for SA.  The current AJA Committee, representing all members and friends of AJA were the guests of the Japanese Consulate.

    Ms Haneda’s speech highlighted our regular AJA meetings at the Caffé Amore and our contribution to the Matsuri on Mobara Festival at Mawson Lakes, both good examples of our focus on friendship and culture. 

    In accepting the Commendation, President Jim expressed his thanks to the committee who support him so well, and beyond them the many AJA of SA members and volunteers who make what the committee plans not only possible but successful.  This recognition of AJA belonged to them as well.

    Jim also expressed appreciation to the Consul-General and her Consular staff, who have supported AJA through their attendance at so many festivals, dinners or other cultural occasions over the years.  Their presence has made Japan feel much closer to Adelaide.