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last update: 28/6/2012

AI Local Group in Woking

Across the UK there are scores of local Amnesty International groups and Woking is no exception. The group provides a focus for local campaigning and fund-raising activity. [More]

Why join the group?

There is always something you can do as a member of Amnesty. Ailsa
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On the first Monday of each month, we meet and plan our activities (note: no meeting in August). Apart from these monthly meetings, we have a number of further dates when we are active in creating public awareness of the aims of Amnesty. [Look at our list of current dates]

Where we meet

Our monthly meetings take place in rooms in the Trinity Methodist Church building, Brewery Road, Woking (Horsell), UK. [More]


Throughout the year our group participates in several national or international campaigns. Apart from working on behalf of our Prisoner of Consience, Eynulla Fətullayev, we have also been active with the Stop Violence Against Women campaign. [More]

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the list of frequently asked questions, and our answers. You can of course always contact us.


14/7/12 Knaphill Village Show
We have a stall booked for the Knaphill village show on Saturday 14th July.

David S has arranged for us to host the show’s “children’s quiz” – this is designed to get kids to drag their parents round to every stall and involves us handing out a sheet of questions whose answers can be found hung up on other stalls. Kate came up with the brilliant idea of using the Convention on the Rights of the Child as the theme – getting them to find the image that matches the human right. The theme of the show this year is “Pride of Britain”, and we can claim a link by being proud of the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

We're going to offer a couple of "hampers" as prizes, one for adults, another for children. If we all bring one small donation (sweets?) to the next meeting, we could make up an excellent prize.

We'll also need volunteers to staff the stall on the day.

If you have any queries or can volunteer, please contact David on david.schley[AT]iah.ac.uk

2/7/12  Next Meeting
We'll be hearing about the Peace Community of San Jose

11/6/12 Next Meeting

We'll be learning more about Amnesty's campaign on the Middle East & North Africa - couldn't be more topical!  We'll also be taking action on the sponsorship of the Olympics by Dow Chemicals and planning the many exciting events we have coming up. 

Please keep these dates free:

Saturday 16 June - stall in Woking

Saturday 14 July - Knaphill Village show

Saturday 6 October - Woking street collection

Saturday 23 February 2013 - regional conference in Canterbury

14/5/12 Next Meeting

Three of us came back from the Amnesty AGM inspired & energised to take more action, particularly on the Arms Trade Treaty.  We'll tell you all about the conference & the amazing speakers we heard at our meeting on Monday 14th May!

2/4/12 Next Meeting

Monica will be introducing us to the the Forced Evictions campaign, following her trip to India.  If there's time we can also have a look at the candidates for election to the Board of AIUK and the resolutions to the AGM. 

News Archive

Our news archive gives you a good idea what we have been doing so far in 20122011, and back to 2005.