I am currently a postdoctoral research associate in the control group at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford. I work on the design of biological circuits in the living organisms using control-theoretic tools.

I was an F.R.S. - FNRS postdoctoral research at Systems and Modelling Research Unit, Montefiore Institute, Liege University, Belgium. I worked on a project ”Analysis and Control of Biological Systems” with Prof Damien Ernst with the main goal of devising new tools for tackling control problems in biological applications. I also was a postdoctoral research associate at Imperial College London, UK working on the project ”Data-based optimal control of synthetic biology gene circuits” in the research group of Dr Guy-Bart Stan. I received my PhD in 2012 in Lund University (Sweden) under supervision of Prof. Anders Rantzer with the thesis entitled "Model Order Reduction Using Semidefinite Programming". I did my masters "On the Problem of Control Synthesis under Limited Information" in Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia) under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Kurzhanski