Ian Parker on Artificial Intelligence

About Me


I am a retired scientist with a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence. My wife is a theologian specializing in Church History. I speak French and German fluently. I have some knowledge of Spanish and have used this for my examples on the resolution of ambiguity.

Von Neumann proposed a theory of formal languages. It should be pointed out that all of Von Neumann's languages were context independent. Natural language is very much context dependent. I discuss the provision of a context free language.

In fact I believe that the achieving of Artificial Intelligence will be in the form of a context independent operating a parallel operating system To this end I have written some pages. One on the semantic web and use of language to build it up. Another is on the use of graph theory to provide a series of entities to work on. To derive a graph we again need a context free language.

Theory of language and AI An account of natural language and its relationship to AI.

Program for Machine Translation An account of the language translation program

Miscellaneous Translation - Some notes on Machine Translation.

Google's quest for AI An account of AI research at Google

Three dimensional spectacles - An account of how intelligent spectacles could provide true 3D as we move.

The Driverless Car - An analysis of a driverless car in a controlled environment.

Von Neumann Machine - A suggestion for a Von Neumann machine

Hutter - Why compression is not a basis for translation.

Program Files - A list of software used