Welcome to AITP at NIU

tion Technology Business Professionals

AITP is the community of IT knowledge focused on empowering the IT profession by evolving its members to their full potential as a IT professionals.

It is our goal, our purpose to provide a community network for the IT business professionals to reach their true potential by providing education programs for advancing technology and business skills, leadership development opportunities, networking, peer mentoring and knowledge sharing, and online resources.


To serve our members by delivering relevant technology and leadership education, research and information on current business and technology issues, and forums for networking and collaboration. Adopted December, 2008.


AITP is the leading worldwide society of information technology business professionals and the community of knowledge for the current and next generation of leaders. Adopted December, 2008.

No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people!™

As an AITP member, you will:

    * Meet People Working in Your Field of Interest!
    * Learn About Career and Business Opportunities
    * Stay Abreast of Industry Trends
    * Polish Your Leadership Skills
    * Converge Your Technology Skills with Business Skills
    * Build Lifelong Relationships
    * and Stay Connected with the world of the new IT Profession!