The new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village - Marshall McLuhan

Head (In charge), Electronics and Communication Engineering

Associate Prof. Rohit K Ramakrishnan

Visiting Professor, Pursuing PhD in IISc

Assistant Professors

Gayathri, MTech.jpg

Gayathri AV, MTech

Satheesan U, Assistant Professor, ECE (M.Tech Communication Engineering) copy.jpg

Satheesan U, MTech

Neethu Narayanan A, MTech.JPG

Neethu Narayanan A, MTech

Neethu Krishnan ECE.jpeg

Neethu Krishnan, MTech

Sruthi S ECE copy.jpg

Sruthy S, MTech

Jyothi A ECE.jpeg

Jyothi A, MTech

Visiting Faculties:

  1. Sureshbabu P, MTech

  2. Neethu Krishnan, MTech

  3. Reshma K, MTech

  4. Vaisakh BK, MTech

  5. Gopinath G, MTech

  6. Silpa R, ME

Laboratory Staff

Sathyan P

Trade instructor Grade II

Diploma in ECE

Krishnakumar V

Trade instructor Grade II

ITI Electronics

Sureshbabu C

Trade instructor

Diploma in ECE