Aisling is our Fantasy/Medieval/Roleplay themed store, you will find mostly furnitures, clothing, jewelry and accessories there.

Voluptas Virtualis is more aimed toward sexy/elegant and kink, you will find mostly clothings, accessories and aesthetics.

Both stores have differents offers and different styles so we've finally decided to separate both universes.

• « I cannot find your stores »

Voluptas Virtualis and Aisling are located there: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meteor%20Star/173/56/1855

 « Please make X or Y body for your releases! »

Damian and Druunah are a collective working under the same brands, we do not work on the same items so we cannot offer support on each other's items. We do make collaborations sometimes. For regular releases we will now try to provide at least Maitreya Lara & Slink Hourglass. When time allow us we will add Belleza Freya and more but not on a regular basis.
Old items are note planned to be updated on near future, Druunah has lost most of her work and she cannot update most of her old creations because of that. 

• « I do not like it, I want a refund »

Please read carefully our ads, informations are always displayed. We do not provide demos for unrigged items, if you have any doubt about compatibility feel free to contact us.
All sales are FINAL. Refunds only apply on double purchases.

• « I have a delivery issue / I have declined the item »

There is re-delivery terminals  in all the rooms of the main-store (except gacha), click the « Re-delivery » board, open the webpage and click the item you want to be redelivered.

• « I want to buy something but your vendors refund me every-time I try to pay them »

Our scripted vendors only allow 1 purchase by avatar to avoid money loss and double purchase, if you need a re-delivery you can click one of the  « Redelivery » panels at the store.

• « I have purchased your items twice, refund me please »

As said above our scripted vendors only allow 1 purchase by avatar. Please check your transaction history before contacting us.

• « I want to gift something to a friend but your items are no transfer »

Click the vendor, a menu will pop-up with giftable option.

• « Can you change the item perms? »

The permissions of the items will remain as it. However if you have a gacha collection, rares or ultra-rares you want to trade for No-Trans/Copy you can contact us (however NO MOD permission will remain as it).

• « I want to puchase a specific color/or specific item but it's only included in a pack »

We won't change the pack offers. Somes choices has been made for specific releases (re-editions for example) to be fair to those who pay for the initial offer (Boxes, Exclusives, Themed events). 

• « The texture hud included with the furniture doesn’t work »

Our scripted furniture has a special option to avoid unnecessary memory use and lag. You have to click a particular side/piece of the item (it’s usually written in the Hud or in the NC) to activate the script. To be sure to make the hud work properly just wear your hud, wait a little until everything is loaded then click the furniture: a message will appear explaining that you have XX seconds until the script will shut down and now you can click the hud texture options to customize your item.

• « I want to delete scripts but your items are no mod »

Most of our items has a « Delete Script » option it’s usually located in the hud or in the menu. If not you can contact us and we will help you to fix it.

• « I have played your gacha but I didn’t get the item I wanted »

Gachas are a game of luck we cannot guarantee you will receive the item you want regardless the amount you’ve put in the machine. It’s a gambling game, we cannot sell/give/exchange you any gacha item out of fairness to others who play.

• « I have not received your gacha item/Inventory creation error »

For items creation error &/or delivery errors please send a NC titled « Your Name/Gacha set name/ : Transaction error » . Paste the transaction error and provide a screenshot of the local chat as a proof and describe the issue you’re facing.

• « I have tried to rezz your gacha items -or another no copy item- but it disappeared »

When you drop a no-copy item in a non-authorized zone (no object allowed land) it often happens that the box seems to be lost and don’t get back in your inventory. You have to log-off and log-in again to retrieve it.

• « I ‘ve purchased your gacha in a yardsale, to another player, traded it but I never get what I purchased, refund me please »

We’re sorry but we do not give support to third party purchases/trades,be very careful when you trade, purchase on a yardsale or in makerplace, always check box contents. 

• « Are you interested in renting a shop in my sim/RP-sim »

We’re sorry but we’re not interested, we focus on our Main-store only.

• « About events »

We’re always very pleased and honored to be chosen to be part of events but at this time we cannot apply to more events. We are not interested in more gacha events at the moments as well. 
Please do not send us invitations regarding Aisling, the store is currently on hiatus.
Thanks for understanding

• « I want to blog for you »

Thanks a lot for your interest, we’re sorry but our blogger list is closed at the moment. If you’ve blogged some of our items you can publish your pics in the FlickR group, we’re always thankful and happy to see what you can bring from our creations.

• « Is there an In-world group for your store »

We do not have any VIP groups but if you want to be informed of new releases you can tap our Subscriber Board.

• « Do you do Customs? »

We’re sorry but we cannot take custom requests, however you can send us suggestions.

• « I’d like to purchase your items fullperm to resell them? »

We put a lot of attention to bring original items, we will never sell fullperm versions of our designs.

• « I can’t find « name of release » in your store! »

Some of our gifts are exlusive, for example the Panum Boursinum table is only available during Store Anniversary.
Exlusive items made for specific events are also not for sale anymore.

Retired/Discontinued items:
-Qarth Lady Aqua Edition
-Valentine in Lace & Roses
-EvilQueen Frames
-Yummy/Deadly/Poisoned Apple necklace
-Minecrafters Bed
-Wishing Well
-Phryne Gacha

If a release is not at the store within a month after the end of the event, that’s means it’s also dicontinued.