AIS NSW 13th Annual ICT Integration Conference 2013
We teach kids, not technology!

Newington College, Stanmore, NSW
14th & 15th October, 2013

On these pages you will find all the links and resources to support your conference experience, and we encourage you to participate fully. 

Add your thoughts, ask questions and offer suggestions via the ICT Integration List (see below) or via social media, using our conference hashtag #aisitic13

Remember, learning is a social activity, and we can all learn from each other. We hope you continue to add to the discussion even after the conference has finished.

All teachers interested in ICT integration, we welcome you to join the ICT Integration mailing list. Send your request by email mhughes@aisnsw.edu.au (Use your .edu address please)

Conference tag: #aisitic13 (Please add this to all links, tweets, bookmarks, photos and blogposts related to the conference)

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Rolfe Kolbe - Newington College
Myles Carrick - Newington College
Emma Clemens - Newington College
Terence Priester - Newington College
Michael Beilharz - Knox Grammar School
Chris Betcher - PLC Sydney
Sharan King - Shore
Martin Levins - The Armidale School
Jenny Madigan - The Scots College
Silvana Mladenovic - Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview
Martin Pluss - Loreto Normanhurst
Melanie Hughes - AIS NSW