AISIM Presentations

Keynote Address (Dr. Sue McNeil, Secretary Gary Ridley, Mr. Ooten)

Student Presentations – Asset Performance (Moderator: Hossein Khaleghian)

1.     Effectiveness and Performance of High Friction Surface Treatments at A National Scale –Guangwei Yang

2.     Statistically Investigations on Pavement Performance Indicators – Benefits and Limits – Tim Blumenfeld

3.     Experimental investigation into the exhaust purification performance of new cooling coatings for road pavement – Xiaolong Sun

4.       Predicting Pavement Friction by Macrotexture Using Wavelet Transform – Guangwei Yang


Student Presentations – Data for Asset Management (Moderator: Jason You Zhan)

1.     Use of reflectivity data from Mobile LiDAR System for classification of road surface types -Saurav Neupane

2.     Real Time Object Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks - Matija Radovic

3.     Multi-way Based Weigh-In-Motion Data Clustering Analysis for Pavement ME Design –Guangwei Yang


Student Presentations – Statistical Analysis (Moderator: Guangwei Yang)

1.     Probability Analysis of Train Derailments Using Copula Function Theory - Emmanuel Nii Martey

2.     A Statistical Model for Forecasting Damage Initiation and Propagation Considering Damage Occurrence Time – Yohei Ninomiya

3.     Panel Data Analysis of Skid Resistance of Various Pavement Preventive Maintenance Treatments – You Zhan

4.     Data Quality Evaluation of Sewer Pipes Inspections - Hossein Khaleghia

Student Presentations – Decision Making (Moderator: Jason You Zhan)

1.     Estimating Markov transition probabilities for reinforced concrete structures using mechanisticempirical models - Daijiro Mizutani

2.     Network-Level Bridge Management Decision Making Framework: Life-Cycle Maintenance and User Cost - Mehrdad Morshedi

3.     Assessing Uncertainty of Track Geometry Degradation Based on Evolutionary Markov Chain Monte Carlo - Silvia Galván-Núñez

4.     Integrating Resilience Concepts with Pavement Management: A Case Study in Delaware - Yuanchi Liu


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