Lower Columbia/Willamette River Professional Chapter

The Lower Columbia/Willamette River Professional Chapter is based in the Portland, Oregon area.


To substantially increase the representation of American Indians and Alaskan Natives in science, technology, and math (STEM) studies and careers.


COVID-19 has affected us all. The LCWR chapter has partnered with the Puget sound chapter to raise money for donations for Navajo Nations elders.

Learn more about how the Navajo Nation has been affected.

You can help, too, by donating to our GoFundMe.


Professional meetings are held on the second Wednesday every month at 12 pm, noon, PDT.

Conference Call Number

1-646-558-8656 code 310-161-7091

Meeting Address

Portland State University

Fourth Avenue Building - Room 0012

Meeting Agenda - August 11, 2021

new items

Approve notes for July 2021

Vote on scholarship application

OMSI Youth Lead the Way Update

Professional Chapter Council July Call

Portland and Umatilla October AISES Career Fair Update

National Conference Update (AISES GRC August Mtg ppt attached)

Chapter of the year video deadline 8/23/21 recommend revising retreat (ppt attached)

AISES Chapters Top Golf Challenge

AISES Program Priorities

Treasurer's Report

  • Summary in email

PSU Student Chapter Activities

Old items

AISES Leadership Summit April 2 and 9

NW Innovative Forestry Summit March 30-April 1, 2021 - 4-6pm

Officer Nominations/Elections

Update from Retreat

  • Review what we discussed and how we want to shape the future.

  • This Friday, Tim, Melissa, and Lydia will be meeting to demo Mozilla Hubs.

  • Afterthought, https://www.loom.com/blog/use-cases-talent, is Loom a viable way to send messages to the community and each other?

National Congress of American Indians - Annual Convention and Marketplace

  • November 8 - 13, 2020 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR

  • Herb Fricke suggested STEM event sponsorship from Chapter

  • Update from those who attended

Dick French Scholarship

NATURE (NSF Engineering Research Center for Native American and Tribal Understanding to Reinvent Engineering )

Vision and Goals of the ERC

NATURE ERC is motivated by the widening gap between the societal advancements in fundamental knowledge in engineering disciplines and the realities faced by Native and Tribal communities in benefiting from basic environmental and infrastructure services. The vision of the ERC NATURE is to reimagine technical innovation through integration of culturally and socially informed engineering solutions inspired by indigenous knowledge. Advances under the NATURE ERC will accelerate development and adoption of appropriate technology and indigenous workforce development, creating resilient shelter, water, sanitation, information technology, and energy solutions to positively transform the quality of life and meet the Sustainable Development Goals in Native American communities.

Our goal is to develop fundamental knowledge that will benefit the resiliency and sustainability of vulnerable communities through the infusion of local and indigenous practice into research-generated solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Our focus will be on new technology development and technology integration processes for indigenous communities that are chronically underserved. We believe that systemic racism in engineering has not been addressed and has limited accessibility to and diversity in engineering practice.

Pow wows and table events

  • All postponed

Covid-19 donation with Puget Sound Chapter


Next meeting: September 8, 2021


President - Melissa Clah

Vice-President - Don Motanic don.motanic@gmail.com

Treasurer - Karen Graves Pyrch

Secretary - Don Motanic

Social Media - Lydia Doza