American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) - Lower Columbia/Willamette River Professional Chapter

AISES Professional LCWR

AISES Mission:

To substantially increase the representation of American Indians and Alaskan Natives in science, technology, and math (STEM) studies and careers.

To Become a chapter member

1. Join AISES via National Website below

AISES National Membership website

2. Send $20 for our chapter dues  with your name, email, company/agency/organization, tribal affiliation if applicable, and phone #

Here are the two ways to send AISES Professional Chapter dues which are $20
for the calendar year:

1.  Mail check (payable to AISES) or cash to:
        AISES (c/o BPA)
        Karen Graves Pyrch
        PO Box 3621 (KS-4)
        Portland, OR  97068

2.  Send Money, Transfer Money or Pay Online with PayPal (steps to walk
through with instructions where a credit card or financial institution bank
account info can be used):

Use the following AISES Lower Columbia/Willamette River Treasurer's email to
send PayPal funds:

Links to our local partners:

AISES National Website

Dick French Memorial Scholarship

Intertribal Timber Council - Scholarships and Education

USDOI - Indian Affairs - Internships - Natural Resources

Workforce Opportunities - Columbia River Inter-tribal Fish Commission

Salmon Camp - Columbia River Inter-tribal Fish Commission

Intel Global Diversity Initiatives

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Bonneville Power Administration - Tribal Affairs

Portland State University - AISES Chapter

Portland State University Student & Community Center

Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable - Native American Youth Association

Career Pathways Videos - Wisdom of the Elders

Next Meeting - March 16, 2017 - Noon - 1 pm (PDT)

Portland State University

Fourth Avenue Building - Room 0012

Conference Call dial-in number of 641.715.3580 with access code 440-809#


1.    Approve January- February 2017 Notes

2.    Treasurers report - 

3.     Scholarship    - -

4.     Retreat summary-  Retreat - March 12 2017?


5.     PSU Student Chapter Activities - Region    1 and 2 at Humboldt St. Arcadia, CA


6.     OMSI Update - Dave Hatch Memorial Camp Scholarship

7.    AISES National  Professional Chapter Council - March/April call - OMSI overview requested

9.  Other items -   

Next meeting - April 13, 2017

2017 Officers

Melissa Clah - President

Don Motanic - Vice-President -

Karen Graves Pyrch - Treasurer

Jeremy Danny - Secretary -

Professional & PSU Chapters at SW Washington Indian Ed Pow Wow
                   Heritage HS - Vancouver, WA  March 4, 2017

Professional Chapter Booth at Dance in the Square Pow Wow - September 23, 2106

Professional Chapter Sponsors Booth at Delta Park Pow Wow - June 19, 2016



Don Motanic, Tim Anderson, Yolonda Salguiero, Melissa Clah and Wendy Wilhelm
at Intel Professional Development Day - Topic -   Communications - March 12, 2016

Retreat February 2016 at Manzanita, OR
                                          Nicole Charley, Karen Graves Pyrch, Yolonda Salguiero, Melissa Clah, Don Motanic, Tim Anderson, Jeremy Danny

                                                                                                              AISES and PSU Graduate Dinner

Siena, Kimberly, Breanna,  and Adam

                       Chapter participates with Intel's Professional Development Session 
 September 26, 2015

The AISES Professional Chapter held its annual Minigolf fund raiser in May 2015

Big group of fun people