AI Scripting

Welcome to AI Scripting, a source of scripts that you may find of some utility. 

This site is still under (re)construction.

Help Files are various files to aid scripting, at least one is unique to my site.

Images are pictures for use on my blog, you can move along without them.

Javascript files are, well, Javascript files.

Miscellaneous Files - hmm, things are starting to look self-explanatory.

VBS, WSC, WSF Files are the point of this site. I should probably add some more.

Some explanation may be in order here, so I'll just let you know a couple of things about each script.
For any of my Administration scripts you must have the rights to perform the operations for them to be of any use.

The Classification Script uses an excel sheet to classify data into groups without supervision, something you might need to do with users in an enterprise.

The Change User Comments Script changes the comments shown in Active Directory or WinNT. It uses a text file of user names.

SetupAndRunRemoteScript runs scripts on network computers. It initially imports registry settings to  allow the remote execution, so even if things aren't set correctly to start, this should get them right enough to run. The remote script need only be available to the machine from which this is run, it gets pushed to the remote. Please note the licensing, this is to get my name out there.

HeyImOverHere is a very small script that on computers with sound cards and speakers, says that. When used in conjunction with the above script, it could be useful in a computer lab, where you might need to find a particular machine, or it could just be fun.

GoogleGadgets.chm is a Windows Help file of Google's pages regarding the creation of Google Gadgets. It searches a lot faster than waiting for the pages to load. If I tried I could probably do a better job on the hierarchy of the Contents page, if anyone would like to volunteer to straighten it out, please let me know.

TheUbbiDubbi Script takes a text file like a story or paragraph and converts it to Ubbi Dubbi, a somewhat difficult to understand spoken language, you may want to look at this Ubbi dubbi.

 55FFCounter is the script string to insert into your blog for the Google Gadget "AI's Flash Fiction Counter."

 Quiz  is a Grease Monkey script to automatically answer every question correctly on's quiz.