The AI-games Symposium

This 8th Symposium in AI & Games will take place at the AISB's annual convention on 

one day only - convention days in  19th -21st April 2017, at the University of Bath, UK

Deadline for all submissions:  EXTENDED Friday 14th February 2017

The AI & Games Symposium acts as a meeting place for researchers and practitioners from academia, education and industry who are involved with the design, development and evaluation of AI in the context of games. It focuses on the application of artificial intelligence or intelligent-like techniques, frameworks and theories to the creation of interactive engaging intelligent games. It will address the following areas of research and practice: 

  • The use of AI techniques (planning, learning, evolution etc.) in games and the game design process.
  • The design and engineering of AI components in commercial games
  • AI for serious games and gamification
  • Automatic or semi-automatic procedural content generation
  • Intelligent or adaptive player interaction
  • AI for player analytics and modelling player behaviour or experience.
  • Agent pathfinding and decision-making in games
  • Using games or simulations as a platform for building intelligent agents
  • Environmental simulations for games
  • Interactive narrative generation
  • Intelligent Narrative Technologies
  • Player perceptions of game AI
  • Experimental AI & Games

    Papers connecting games to all areas of computational intelligence and traditional AI are considered.

    Authors could be specialised in: AI, machine learning, planning, narrative, education and training, multimedia, game design and development, game interaction design, characters design, interaction design and evaluation for children, adults and any other relevant area.

  • Submissions will be via the easychair website at:
  • (see Call for Papers page for details )

    See the main convention website for details of the other symposia and dates.

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