Open Burning - What you need to know!

Burn only with a permit
  Most fire districts require you to obtain a permit before burning yard wastes.  The phone numbers of the major fire districts for Kootenai County are listed below.  Do not call 911 to get Burn Permit information! 

     Kootenai County Fire and Rescue      1-208-777-8500

     Coeur d'Alene          1-208-769-2340

     Hayden Lake           1-208-772-5711

     Post Falls                1-208-777-1461

     Rathdrum               1-208-687-1815

 If you do not know which district you are in, call your local Fire Protection District.

Don't Burn Inappropriate Materials

  Most man-made materials should not be burned in a yard fire.  They can produce toxic fumes.  Examples include painted woods, leftover paints and varnishes (especially lead based paint), old batteries of all types, plant and insect sprays, gasoline, grease and motor oil, and plastic products.  Old tires and other rubber products should not be burned as they produce excessive amounts of particulate (heavy, dark smoke).  Green plant materials also produce large amounts of particulate.  They should be composted or sent to the landfill.  Do not burn newspapers and grocery bags which can be recycled.  Learn more by visiting our Climate Change Recommendation page.

  If you are not sure what you are going to burn is safe, call your fire department and ask.

What should be taken to the landfill?

  Your local landfill will generally accept yard waste in their regular collections.  Acceptable items include green plant materials, all types of paper and wood products (including painted woods), plastic products, old tires and metal.  The city of Coeur d'Alene has curbside recycling for newspapers, batteries, aluminum and tin cans, and certain plastics.

For a complete list of items Kootenai County recycles please visit our Recycling in Kootenai County page or go to:  http://www.co.kootenai.id.us/departments/solidwaste/recycling.asp

  Hazardous materials like paint products, insect and plant sprays, and other chemicals must be taken to the collection site on days reserved for disposal of this type of material. 
In Kootenai County, call 208-769-4402 to find out when you can take hazardous materials to the County landfill.
Recycle what you can
  If curbside recycling is not available in your neighborhood, it takes little effort to collect your old newspapers, bottles and cans and take them to your local landfill for recycling.  Recycling saves energy because the materials you collect are reused.  In addition, burning these materials causes air pollution.
Burn only during correct weather conditions

  Open burning should take place only during the correct weather conditions.  Burning definitely should not occur when an air inversion is present.  Inversions hold the air pollutants close to the ground where the smoke can impair air quality.  In Kootenai County, you should call 1-800-633-6247, to determine if it's a good burn day.

Burn Clean

  Pollution from an open fire will be less if it burns hot.  To burn hot, the fire should not include materials such as green plant material or wet materials of any kind.  Be sure what you burn is DRY.  Turn and stir burn pile for a couple of days before burning to encourage drying.  A good supply of air will also create a good hot fire.  If possible, burn on a raised grate so that air can enter from the bottom.  If you cannot burn on a grate, stir the materials while they are burning.  More information can be found at: http://www.epa.gov/burnwise/ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

You can reduce the pollution produced when burning yard wastes by following these simple guidelines:
  • Burn only with a permit.
  • Burn only appropriate materials.
  • Send, or take, appropriate waste materials to your local landfill.
  • Burn only during correct weather conditions.
  Smoke from burning yard wastes can cause air quality problems.  Particulates introduced into the air from yard fires can be breathed deep into the lungs and act adversely on a person's health.  This is especially true if the wrong materials are burned or if the burning is not done properly.

Please follow the guidelines set forth in this information
to protect the quality of the air we share.

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