Stores that sell dansko shoes - Rockport slippers.

Stores That Sell Dansko Shoes

stores that sell dansko shoes
  • A quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed
  • Store-bought
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Lego Store Loot!
Lego Store Loot!
Usually I don't get so much lego in so little time but I dragged my mom to the Lego store the day after Christmas hoping I would get some amazing deals. Too bad there were barely any. ;_; The Power Functions set was from my uncle for Christmas/ Hannukah but I forgot to add it to my last picture. I also had some money from the Holidays to get this.
Selling It
Selling It
Daily Dog Challenge: Selling It Caught Dexter online trying to sell his new doggie coat he got for Christmas... guess he really didn't like it...

stores that sell dansko shoes
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