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Pressure Pump Washer

pressure pump washer
  • A washing machine
  • seal consisting of a flat disk placed to prevent leakage
  • a home appliance for washing clothes and linens automatically
  • A person or device that washes something
  • A small flat ring made of metal, rubber, or plastic fixed under a nut or the head of a bolt to spread the pressure when tightened or between two joining surfaces as a spacer or seal
  • someone who washes things for a living
  • A woman's plain, lightweight shoe that has a low-cut upper, no fastening, and typically a medium heel
  • A man's slip-on patent leather shoe for formal wear
  • a mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction
  • A light shoe, in particular
  • operate like a pump; move up and down, like a handle or a pedal; "pump the gas pedal"
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pressure pump washer - Dayton 5ZNT7
Dayton 5ZNT7 Pressure Washer Pump, 3600 PSI
Dayton 5ZNT7 Pressure Washer Pump, 3600 PSI
8.4 HP Required @ 3500 PSI, Diecast Aluminum Crankcase, Aluminum Connecting Rod, Forged Brass Pump Head, Oil Bath Lubrication, 4.8 HP Required @ 2000 PSI, 1.2 HP Required @ 500 PSI, 3400 RPM, Ceramic Plunger, Seal Cotton Duct, Buna N, Manifold Material Forged Brass, Gasoline Engine, Shaft Dia. 1 In., 6.0 HP Required @ 2500 PSI, 3.6 HP Required @ 1500 PSI, 7.2 HP Required @ 3000 PSI, Application High Pressure Water Applications, Including Car Wash, Pressure Wash, Sewer Jetting and Cooling Misting

89% (10)
Day 24: (Flamethrower)*(-1)?
Day 24: (Flamethrower)*(-1)?
Today was definitely a long day. My uncle and I set 1,320 pounds of concrete to an area that used to be the water pump. I'm just glad we threw in as many rocks and fence posts as we did because we needed every ounce of concrete that we had. After that, we did a lot of mowing and then I used the pressure washer to clean the garage and then the old deck. (Also, this was in the "let's take this and then get back to work so my uncle doesn't come along and wonder about me" series... although I did tell him about the 365 project yesterday and he even let me use his tripod...)
Comet Pump Oil
Comet Pump Oil
Here we have a Comet Pump Oil. This image is provided by Rahsco Cleaning Systems of Fort Worth.

pressure pump washer
pressure pump washer
Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
Electric pressure washers are the ideal way to efficiently clean siding, driveways, cars, patio furniture, and lawn equipment with the power of pressurized water jets. 1800 PSI and 1.5 GPM gives this unit the power to spray and scrape away grit and grime with ease. A 120-Volt, 14-Amp universal motor is lightweight and reliable, as well as being quiet, odorless, and having zero emissions. The instant start/stop feature automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged, prolonging the life of the pump. A swivel adaptor on the hose fitting allows it to easily connect to your garden hose. When you want to add a bit of detergent for even deeper cleaning, an onboard detergent tank holds one liter of any high pressure water solution. This pressure washer includes a 20-Foot high pressure hose with spray gun, an adjustable fan lance, a turbo lance and a 35-foot GFCI-equipped power cord, all of which can be stored in the convenient on-board storage.