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  • (Airline flights) An airline provides air transport services for passengers or freight, generally these companies with a recognized operating certificate or license.
  • A round flat piece, usually red or black, used to play checkers
  • A game for two players, with twelve pieces each, played on a checkerboard
  • an attendant who checks coats or baggage
  • check: mark into squares or draw squares on; draw crossed lines on
  • A pattern of squares, typically alternately colored
  • one who checks the correctness of something
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FLYING DRUNK: The True Story of a Northwest Airlines Flight, Three Drunk Pilots, and One Man's Fight for Redemption
FLYING DRUNK: The True Story of a Northwest Airlines Flight, Three Drunk Pilots, and One Man's Fight for Redemption
March 8, 1990: An intoxicated three-man crew, including Flight Engineer Joseph Balzer, fly a Northwest Airlines Boeing 727 with 91 passengers aboard from Fargo, North Dakota to Minneapolis, Minnesota.
July 25, 1990: All three pilots stand trial for flying a commercial airliner while under the influence of alcohol; all three are convicted and sent to federal prison.
July 26, 1990 - present: Joe Balzer fights for redemption and to regain all that he has lost. Flying Drunk is his story.
Since he was a young boy, Joe Balzer dreamed of flying. He pursued his goal with a vigorous passion and earned his pilot licenses, piling up hours of flight time with a wide variety of planes and jets with one overarching goal: to one day fly for a major airline. But Joe had a problem. He was an alcoholic and refused to admit to himself that he had a problem.
His alcoholism caught up with him in March 1990, when Joe was arrested with two other pilots for flying a commercial airliner while under the influence of alcohol. His world began crumbling around him and his new marriage faced the ultimate test. He lost his promising career and his dignity. Every major media outlet, including The New York Times, Newsweek, and Time Magazine covered the shocking story for the stunned American flying public. The trial that followed drained Joe's life's savings and federal prison nearly broke him. Flying Drunk is Joe's bittersweet and thoroughly chilling memoir of his twisted journey to a Federal courtroom, his time in the notorious Federal penitentiary system in Atlanta, and his struggle to recapture all that he held dear.
Today, Joe is a recovering alcoholic, celebrating more than nineteen years of sobriety. The long road back from perdition led him to American Airlines, where good people and a great organization recognized a talented pilot who had cleaned up his act and was ready to fly again, safely.
Flying Drunk is an incredible journey of the human spirit, from childhood to hell, and back again. Everyone should read and heed its message of hope and redemption. No one who does will ever forget it.
About the Author: Joe Balzer is a pilot for American Airlines with more than 15,000 hours of flight experience. He has a Master's Degree in Aerospace Education and is also an inspirational speaker, traveling around the country speaking to pilots and other groups on the dangers of alcohol and other addictions, bringing his audience to laughter and tears with his powerful message of hope. Joe lives in Tennessee with his wife Deborah and their two children. Flying Drunk is his first book.
"Balzer was part of the infamous three-man crew that in 1990 piloted a Northwest Airlines commercial flight from Fargo, ND, to Minneapolis while intoxicated. All three lost their jobs and flying licenses and served time in federal prison. Driven by his faith in God and the support of his family and friends, Balzer struggled to overcome his addiction. Today, sober for nearly two decades, he flies for American Airlines. Listeners will be captivated by his tale of redemption, which he engagingly reads. Recommended for those dealing with their own or a loved one's addiction issues."Stephen L. Hupp, West Virginia Univ. Lib., Parkersburg

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VH-OJB 747-438 Qantas "Wunala Dreaming" **Kai Tak the final day**
VH-OJB 747-438 Qantas "Wunala Dreaming" **Kai Tak the final day**
The VERY last Qantas flight arrives into Kai Tak airport on July 5th 1998. This was the original Wunala Dreaming scheme, later replaced on a newer 747 but not looking as nice as they did not paint the engine cowlings.
Linden 9/11 Memorial - United Airlines Flight 93 Memorial
Linden 9/11 Memorial - United Airlines Flight 93 Memorial
Wanda A. Green Memorial Park in Linden, NJ

airline flight checker
airline flight checker
Flight 93 Revealed: What Really Happened on the 9/11 Let's Roll Flight?
Flight 93 is the heroic 9/11 story that inspired America and produced the Pentagon's "Let's Roll" recruiting slogan for the Iraq invasion. Brave passengers, enraged when they learned about the 9/11 events by phone, organized an attack that brought the plane down in rural Pennsylvania. It was the drama that powered America's war effort. But how much of the Flight 93 legend is truth, and how much wishful thinking or even propaganda? In a book that will shake believers and challenge the official account, Rowland Morgan compares the legend with the available evidence and finds much of it is wishful thinking or pure invention. Problems with the U.S. Air Force's failed intervention, the presence of hijackers, the passengers' phone calls, and the dramatic climax in the cockpit suggest a motive for war that is as much fiction as fact. Rowland Morgan's co-authored 9/11 Revealed rocked government circles in London and in Washington, where it was officially branded "misinformation" and subjected to a corporate media boycott. In Flight 93: the Inside Story, Morgan again shatters illusions and forces readers to re-examine the evidence.