Flight School Requirements

flight school requirements
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  • (require) ask: consider obligatory; request and expect; "We require our secretary to be on time"; "Aren't we asking too much of these children?"; "I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons"
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  • (require) command: make someone do something
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flight school requirements - A Cost-Benefit
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Requirement That Students Complete a Thesis at the Naval Postgraduate School
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Requirement That Students Complete a Thesis at the Naval Postgraduate School
This is a NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY CA report procured by the Pentagon and made available for public release. It has been reproduced in the best form available to the Pentagon. It is not spiral-bound, but rather assembled with Velobinding in a soft, white linen cover. The Storming Media report number is A601093. The abstract provided by the Pentagon follows: This thesis identifies and compares the benefits and costs of the policy requiring master's degree candidates at NPS to complete a thesis. It uses fiscal year 2000 data. The goal is to evaluate the existing policy to determine if the economic benefit of requiring a thesis is greater than the economic cost. The direct benefit of the thesis requirement is the increased productivity of officers due to having completed a thesis. Indirect benefits are found in the valuable research provided by many theses to the DoD. The most prominent cost of the thesis requirement is the opportunity cost of the student's time necessary to stay at NPS, and therefore out of the Fleet, in order to write a thesis. This thesis estimates that the costs of the thesis requirement were approximately $ 19.8 million in FY2OOO. The indirect benefits of research completed by thesis students were between $8.3 million and $18.4 million. The direct benefits, in terms of its educational value, could not be quantified. Therefore, this report recommends that, until the direct benefits can be accurately quantified and monetized, the current requirement for thesis work remain as a condition for graduation from NPS. Training and Education, Manpower Policy, Cost-Benefit Analysis

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(from the archives)on display in the impossibly dark Battle of Britain hall at the RAF Museum Hendon Spitfire X4590 09 Jun 40 Ordered from Vickers-Supermarine as part of a batch of 500 aircraft, contract No.19713/39. Fitted with Merlin III engine. NB. Inspection by Cardington technicians 1995 revealed that port wing dated 11.03.38, Pobjoy Airmotor A/C Ltd. 22 Sep 40 Taken on charge. 08 Oct 40 To No.609 Squadron, Middle Wallop, Hants. Coded PR-F. 10 Oct 40 Probable first operational flight; A Flight patrol at 15,000 feet in response to two enemy raids of 30+ aircraft. Pilot 23-year-old Plt Off S J Hill, a graduate metallurgist pre-war. Took off at 12.05, landing at 13.15 11 Oct 40 A Flight patrol over base at 20,000 feet; Pilot P/O Hill taking off at 14.50, landing at 15.20. 12 Oct 40 O.R.B reads ‘Patrol Point 1. Recalled by R/T. Pilot P/O Hill; took off at 13.45, landing at 13.50. 14 Oct 40 Patrol over base at 6,000 feet. Pilot P/O Hill. Took off at 16.25, landing at 17.10. 21 Oct 40 Whilst being flown on a patrol over Portland by ‘Red 2’- Pilot Officer Hill - the aircraft took a half share in shooting down a Ju 88A-5 w/nr 8116, code 9K+BH of 1/KG51 that had been on a mission against the Gloster Aircraft Works at Brockworth, then busy producing Hurricane fighters, but missed its target and instead strafed at 50 feet the Army Co-operation airfield at Old Sarum, Wilts. Following a very low level tree-top chase and interception 3 miles north of Lymington at 1.40pm, the aircraft crashed, exploded and burnt out at Manor Farm Field, Black Bush, Milford on Sea at 1.47pm; The four crew were killed. This was the 100th enemy aircraft claimed by No.609 Squadron, which at this time was mostly flying interceptor patrols and coastal patrols over the Southampton/ Portland areas during these latter stages of the Battle of Britain. 25 Oct 40 Damaged whilst again being flown by Plt Off J Curchin. When landing at Middle Wallop he forgot to lower the undercarriage. 15 Nov 40 50 minute Patrol at 20,000 feet as part of ‘A’ flight; pilot 745790 Sgt John Anthony Hughes-Rees, taking off at 13.05. 17 Nov 40 ‘Red Section Scramble’; pilot Sgt. Hughes-Rees; took off at 15.00, landing at 15.30. End of Nov 40 Squadron moved to Warmwell, Dorset. 19 Nov 40 A flight patrol off Isle of Wight; pilot Sgt. Hughes-Rees; took off at 15.25, landing at 16.40. 20 Nov 40 Red Section patrol over Warmwell; pilot Sgt. Hughes-Rees; took off at 12.40, landing at 13.20. Further flight that afternoon; Squadron Scramble, pilot Sgt. Bennett, took off at 16.05, landing at 17.00. 22 Nov 40 Red 1 and 2 scramble - Pilot Officer Hill. Took off at 16.20, landing at 16.45. 23 Nov 40 A Flight scramble; pilot was the Canadian P/O Alfred Keith Ogilvie. Took off sat 13.25, landing at 14.10. 24 Nov 40 Squadron flying practice and patrol over base; took off at 14.55 and landed at 16.25. 28 Nov 40 Yellow section scramble; pilot P/O Hill, taking off at 10.35 and landing at 11.00. Also later that day, Pilot Officer Ogilvie, flying X4590 as Yellow 3, was scrambled at 13.35 and returned at 14.55, only to be scrambled again at 15.50 in X4590 and vectored towards the Solent to intercept a formation of Me 109s of JG2 led by Major Helmut Wick. The Germans had the height advantage and bounced the Spitfires; Ogilvie escaped in a damaged X4590, as recorded in his diary; ‘I was Yellow 3 and was weaving merrily behind, keeping an eagle eye above, when I caught a glimpse of three yellow noses in my mirror. They were obviously crack pilots by their tight formation and strategy. I gave the warning and dove as the centre Johnny opened fire on me, and was speeded on my way by a cannon shell up the fuselage and a second through my prop’. Returned to base at 16.55. 12 Dec 40 Scrambled at 13.35, returning at 14.40; pilot F/O Ostaszewski. Scrambled again at 15.10, returning at 15.15; same pilot. 21 Dec 40 Scrambled at 13.20, returning an hour later; pilot Sgt. Short. 23 Dec 40 Scrambled at 16.50, returning 10 minutes later; pilot P/O Atkinson. 27 Dec 40 P/O Atkinson scrambled in X4590 at 13.25, returning an hour later. 28 Dec 40 P/O Atkinson scrambled in X4590 at 16.45, returning at 17.05. 2 Jan 41 Sgt. Mercer of B Flight scrambled in X4590 at 09.45, returning at 11.00. 13 Jan 41 P/O Baraldi of B Flight scrambled at 13.30, returning at 13.50. 24 Feb 41 To No.66 Squadron, Exeter, Devon. Codes LZ-. Carrying out interception and convoy patrols. No.66 was one of a succession of Hurricane and Spitfire squadrons based at Exeter in early 1941, having swapped its original Spitfire II's with No.609 Squadrons Mk.I's, hence the transfer of X4590. No.66's status as a `resting' squadron seems not to have warranted the latest Spitfires! 07 Apr 41 To No.57 OTU Hawarden, near Chester, coded LV-, PW- or XO-. No.66 Squadron had moved to Perranporth, Cornwall the same month but did not take X4590 with them. 07 Jul 41 Flown by No.57 O T U test pilot, Flight
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flight school requirements
flight school requirements
Aircraft Performance Theory and Practice for Pilots (Aerospace Series (PEP))
Aircraft Performance Theory and Practice for Pilots, 2ndEditionaddresses both European aircraft performance requirements (CS-23 and CS-25) and the Joint Aviation Regulations Operations rules (JAR-OPS 1) and so provides comprehensive and up to date coverage of the complex conditions within which all European public transport aeroplanes must operate today.
The subject of aircraft performance is an important part of the JAA Flight Crew Licensing syllabus for the examinations for commercial and airline transport licences, and this book provides a clear and authoritative text on a difficult topic.
It will also be of interest to commercial pilots for their annual standardization test and to flight planners, operations staff and airport operators.