Skyship 500

This page is for Poems on the Skyship 500 airship, especially G-BIHN, the airship i flew in and the airship that featured in the James Bond 007 film A View To A Kill.

For more info on this ship you mus go to the airhsip heritage trust website here

 Written in 2005, appeared in the AHT journal Dirigible.
hope you like it.

Skyship 500,
  Tis quite a small ship,
  White as the clouds,
  Apart from her red strip,

 You could hear her engines from miles around,
The twin porches roared and filled quiet skies with sound,
The first time I saw her I was quite afraid,
  I thought that aliens were going to invade,

But this foolish action from a lad of just 3 could be forgiven when those old engines roared,
As a boy I was transfixed, I lived for the dream and in 1986 I flew for real,
What an experience,
What a thrill,
Flying in my ship didn’t give me a chill,

The pilot was cool but the stubble burning was not,
The poor little ship got bumped quite a lot,

G-BIHN was the ship,
G-BIHN started the dream
G-BIHN is the reason im doing this now,
So as I say goodbye,
And put down my pen,
I think of her now sailing above Cardington well.

A poem by T Monk