non specific Airship poems.


i lay dreaming
soft clouds pass by
a dream like state
were consciousness exists but does not matter
i could be anywhere
the state between awake and sleep
not quite classed as either
thoughts become real

i am flying in ships of the sky
there is no mad rush to stay airborne
you float as if you were lighter than air itself
these ships are mighty crafts of intricate structure
amazing sizes with minimal weight
you feel immortal drifting in the clouds

you can walk
no need for veal crate transportation
no need to cram the many in aluminium tubes
open spaces like dance floors of the skies
were you can dance and move freely
non believers rub their eye's in dis-belief

as morning comes you stir
fuzzy thoughts re enter your head
were you dreaming?
those ships could never have been
too far fetched even for a cardington lads dream
but it has been
times long ago
dance floors of the skies
were people danced to gramophone tunes

of coarse i dreamt
of fact not fiction
of these ships
with clear distinction
they had came and gone like ghosts in the night
never to return to regular flight

but the future beckons
cats hide in Bedfordshire's fields
a new type of dream
made better than ever before
the cats will come
cardingtons resurrection will complete
for the skycat when flying
will have the world at its feet.

A poem by T monk

As I sit I ponder
What might have been?
What would the world be like?
If large airships were still on scene
Their story ended early
Their time had came and ended
For accident and rushed decision
Destroyed glorious grand dream
But they carried on
Smaller ships by far
Doing wonders still
From tiny little control car
But now their times returning
Giants have come back
Evolved into Hybrids
A different new tack
HAV’s they call them
Due to fly quite soon
Watch the skies people
Whilst the Hybrids song does rise
Glorious times ahead
You wont believe your eyes

A poem by T Monk

New old Cardington

A long time ago
In a Bedfordshire field
A place was chosen
For an airfield

to build ships
of a glorious size
a feast of the senses
a shock to the eyes

A shed was needed
A monster of steel
Like a liner sailing through
Green fields

So with airfield acquired
And shed built
One more thing was needed
A town was built to house the staff
The seeds for shortstown  were seeded

So it started
the town on the hill
A neighbour of Cardington
Numbers grew over the years
To what this has now become

Today a new area has sprung up
Form the bones of workshop not long shut
New Cardington as part of shortstown
Should celebrate past glory

For houses grow where ships once took shape
Where gas bags filled and test inflate
Where goldbeaters skin cleaned and prepared
And engines tested

Also a place where balloons were made
Defenders of this country
Balloons did their bit in WW2
A forgotten glorious history

So new cardington you have begun
Next chapter in this story
As one of airships and RAF closes  now
Domesticated glory opens

But over the fence
History remains
Two vast shadows cast over new cardington
For the sheds will live forever
In the hearts of everyone

And ships will fly again
From cathedrals of cardington
HAV’s of all sizes
Will grace these fine old halls

New Cardington  with old
New houses and massive sheds
New blood to be enthralled
Cardington magic infects

A Poem by T Monk