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lost in space ringtone
    in space
  • In Space is the fourth studio album by the American rock group Big Star, released in 2005. It was the first new studio recording by the band since Third/Sister Lovers, which was recorded in 1974.
  • confused: having lost your bearings; confused as to time or place or personal identity; "I frequently find myself disoriented when I come up out of the subway"; "the anesthetic left her completely disoriented"
  • Unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts
  • Unable to be found
  • (of a person) Very confused or insecure or in great difficulties
  • doomed: people who are destined to die soon; "the agony of the doomed was in his voice"
  • no longer in your possession or control; unable to be found or recovered; "a lost child"; "lost friends"; "his lost book"; "lost opportunities"
lost in space ringtone - Pegasus in
Pegasus in Space
Pegasus in Space
In a triumphant career spanning more than thirty years, Anne McCaffrey has won the devotion of millions of fans. Now she has written the exciting and long-awaited addition to her classic Pegasus series--and the perfect link to her bestselling Rowan saga . . .

For an overpopulated Earth whose resources are strained to the breaking point, there is only one place to look for relief: straight up. With the successful completion of the Padrugoi Space Station, humanity has at last achieved its first large-scale permanent presence in space. But there are those who, for motives of their own, want Padrugoi to fail. Standing in their way are the Talented, men and women gifted with extraordinary mental powers that have made them as feared as they are respected--and utterly indispensable to the colonization effort. Now, as sabotage and attempted murder strike the Station, it's up to the Talented to save the day. Only who is going to save the Talented?

Pegasus in Space is the tale of Peter Reidinger, first Tower Prime!

Anne McCaffrey is best known for The Dragonriders of Pern, but her loose Talents series about superpsychics has been running almost as long. It began with the near-future To Ride Pegasus, continuing a couple of generations later in Pegasus in Flight. Book 2 introduced a crowd of new characters, notably the paralyzed boy Peter whose telekinetic talent can move not only his body without help from his ruined nervous system, but--with practice--even lift payloads into orbit.
Pegasus in Space follows directly, with mayhem and mutiny, at the opening of a manned space station, which Peter and talented friends helped build. Further hassles ensue during his training for space haulage work: obstructive bureaucrats, crooked suppliers, murder attempts, and skillful sabotage. McCaffrey specializes in feel-good adventure SF, full of romance, warm friendships, and hearty meals. Somehow her villains never quite convince, though, and their evil deeds are so rapidly annulled that the story rarely builds up much suspense. Meanwhile, the orphan girl Amiriyah who's adopted into Peter's family has a mysterious, subtle talent of her own, one that we soon guess will change his life. Our young hero's ambitions foreshadow later far-future books in the series (beginning with The Rowan) in which "kinetics" hurl cargo across huge interstellar gulfs. While most people think his talent needs careful conservation, Peter has already teleported supplies to the moon and has secret plans for Mars, the asteroids, and the moons of Jupiter. It all makes for an agreeable, lightweight read. --David Langford, Amazon.co.uk

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Space Elevator GEO Station
Space Elevator GEO Station
The space elevator add-on for Orbiter depicts an Arthur Clarke-style "rigid pole" type of space elevator anchored on the equator in Indonesia, with a large space station at geo-sync altitude and bullet-train-like "climbers." Real space elevators in the future will likely use flexible ribbons of carbon nanoutubes with tractor-like mechanical "climbers" - but this is still pretty cool.
Space Shuttle launch pad
Space Shuttle launch pad
The Space Shuttle launch pad (on the left edge of the image and tagged) from Titusville, Florida. The building in the center is the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), the largest building in the world in terms of volume. Rockets have been assembled in this building since the 1960's.

lost in space ringtone
lost in space ringtone
In Space
Japanese pressing of the 2005 album features the 12 original tracks plus an exclusive bonus track TBA. Vall.

If a band releases a pair of the most brilliant slabs of Revolver-cum-Fifth Dimension power pop in successive years, and no one is around to hear them, do they make a sound? If the answer were yes, perhaps this record--marketed as Big Star’s "first studio album in 30 years"--would be receiving more fanfare. Unfortunately, both #1 Record (1972) and Radio City (1973)--subsequently reissued together on one disc--went virtually undetectable, save for the hundreds of bands who cite them as influences and the thousands of fans who discovered them long after the Memphis band had disintegrated. Starring two of the four original members (including the unpredictable Alex Chilton) with two members of the Posies in tow, In Space is far from a Big Star record, though it does feature some of Chilton’s most catchy work in 15 years: "February’s Quiet" mimics Matthew Sweet, "Mine Exclusively" comes straight out of Stax, and "Best Chance We’ve Ever Had" is as close to the original band as we’re going to get. If you’ve been waiting patiently for this one, it will fit in your collection. But if you’re starting from scratch, go back three decades and catch up. --Scott Holter