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How Do Penis Pumps Work

how do penis pumps work
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  • (Penis pump) Penis enlargement procedures (sometimes euphemistically referred to as male enhancement procedures in spam email and television advertisements) are techniques alleged to make the human penis larger in width and/or length.
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how do penis pumps work - 1.75" Penis
1.75" Penis Pump , Male Enhancement Vacuum Therapy,Package
1.75" Penis Pump , Male Enhancement Vacuum Therapy,Package
PumpTek US Made 1.75" x 9" Acrylic Penis Pump Kit. This Kit includes 1- US made 2" o.d. Crystal clear,Pharmicutical grade Lucite acrylic cylinder w/ female quick disconnect fitting 1- Premium break resistant Vacuum pump w/ pressure gauge 1- bottle Wet Platinum Lube and 30" hose w/male quick disconnect fitting Please email for sizing recommendations as well as more product and warantee details. Note: Vac pump color may vary from pic. We ship either black or gray pumps depending on availibility

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Priming the Penis Pump
Priming the Penis Pump
Sabotage is an Idiotorod tradition. The penis is actually a pump-action water cannon, shown here being filled with some unspeakably vile mixture of rotten eggs and other ingredients. The operators are preparing to spray the racers with this stuff as they come over the bridge.
Tim and his New Penis Pump
Tim and his New Penis Pump
Here is Tim showing off his brand new penis pump. He says it's a Nerf gun, but it really is a penis pump.

how do penis pumps work