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find a cheap hotel
    cheap hotel
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find a cheap hotel - Mr. Cheap's
Mr. Cheap's Atlanta (Mr. Cheap's Series)
Mr. Cheap's Atlanta (Mr. Cheap's Series)
Find it cheap in the (shopping) capital of the South!
The thrill of the hunt and the rush of finding quality at a terrific price can be yours in Atlanta-whether you’re looking for a luxurious dinner, a perfect hockey stick, or a piece of gorgeous silverware.
Mr. Cheap and his team of unstoppable bargain hunters show you the way to the best stuff at the lowest prices at every venue, from neighborhood shops to outlet centers; from cheap bites to fancy dinners; from free fun to comfortable lodging.
Mr. Cheap’s saves you a bundle with insider tips on how to:
-Get antiques-at junk prices!
-Wear Chanel, Prada, and Gucci-at a price you’ll want to brag about!
-Spend the day playing rich in a Tudor-style mansion-without having to play poor later on!
-Have a hearty breakfast and all the comforts of home-for less than a discount motel!
With Mr. Cheap’s in hand, you’ll go home with money left in your wallet!

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Cheap Hotel Blues
Cheap Hotel Blues
Uploaded the previous shot, reminded me of this cheap hotel I stayed a few years back in Istanbul. When you find a broken tape deck/FM radio integrated into your bed, your know you're part of the travel elite...
17:365 Things Found on the Bedroom Floor
17:365 Things Found on the Bedroom Floor
I continued the war of attrition against the ever-mounting piles of stuff today. Here's a sampling of what I found on the bedroom floor.

find a cheap hotel
find a cheap hotel
Sandra Gustafson's Cheap Eats in London
Cheap means "good value," and savvy travelers know to turn to Sandra Gustafson for the lowdown on London's best deals in eats and sleeps. Completely revised, with new maps and more detailed neighborhood coverage, these trusted guides offer first-time and veteran visitors alike in-the-know tips on the best-priced places to eat and stay-each one revisited or discovered by Sandra for the new edition. Proven favorites in this best-selling series, Sandra's London guides are absolutely essential for anyone in search of a great deal.