12 January 2017 
Airport BUG writes to the Lord mayor asking for the gate to be opened so we can ride to the Gateway Bridge. A no-bikes sign appears on the fence.

The Brisbane City Council announced back in 2014 that it would provide a shared pathway from the southern end of Viola Place along the Pinkenba Rail corridor to Schneider Road as part of the Better Bikeways 4 Brisbane Program.

The project involves constructing approximately 380 metres of shared pathway from the southern end of Viola Place along the Pinkenba Rail corridor (east of the Gateway Motorway) to Schneider Road. The project also involves installing lighting and wayfinding signage. The purpose was to connect the northern and southern suburbs of Brisbane to major employment hubs of Brisbane Airport and Australia Trade Coast

The BAC have completed a connecting bikeway on Lomandra Drive to Viola, now we need the Brisbane City Council to complete their part.

Airport BUG has written to the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk saying that we have waited too long for this bikeway. We have asked the Mayor to open the gate at the end of Viola Place to allow people on bicycles to ride on the existing gravel path to connect to Schneider Rd and safe access to the Gateway Bridge Bike way.

 This link would also be part of The Moreton Bay Cycleway that will connect:

- south to Eight Mile Plains, along the Bulimba Creek Bikeway
- north to Redcliffe, along the Moreton Bay Cycleway
- to the Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) cycle network.

27 October 2015
Airport BUG presents to the Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (BACACG) meeting.

Airport BUG has been invited to present the results of an audit we conducted on the route to the Domestic Terminal.  We will also present our suggestions for a safe and direct off road bicycle and pedestrian connection to the Domestic Terminal. You can view our presentation here: Presentation to BACACG on audit of route to terminal

21 September 2015

Launch of the Space 4 Cycling Brisbane Campaign

Space for Cycling Brisbane is a  grass roots campaign run by Brisbane's Bicycle Advocacy groups to lobby local councillors in the run up to the Brisbane City Council elections next year.

We are asking is for people to sign up to support Space for Cycling Brisbane's six 'asks'. These are:

To sign up to support these six asks go to our web page http://space4cyclingbne.com/ to let your local candidates know that you support Space for Cycling in Brisbane.

You can also like us on Facebook, See our latest video here.

Sunday 13th September 2015

Pedal Brisbane have organised a mass bicycle ride through the streets of the CBD on Sunday 13th September 2015.  The ride is the opening event of the Bicycle Fringe Festival . There will be a police escort so no need to worry about traffic at cross streets.  It won't be a fast ride, more like a parade, so bring your show bike.

Meet at Kurilpa Point Park (near the GOMA riverside Cafe) at 11 am for a 12 pm start. Finishes at 1:00/1:30 pm at Kurilpa Point Park where there will be speakers, music, food and lawns to relax on.

The aim of the ride is to gather as many cyclists as possible and make a statement about how important bicycle transport is for Brisbane's future in becoming a sustainable city. It's a great chance to celebrate the bicycle as transport, and also a chance to motivate others around you to jump on a bike too!

Route map:

7 August 2015

People who walk and bike will get access to the BNE Service Centre at Brisbane Airport this year.

We are very pleased to hear that the Brisbane Airport Corporation is planning to start construction on a shared pathway to connect to the BNE Service Centre this year.

The BNE Service Centre is within easy walking distance of the bus and train stops at the International Terminal but to date has had no footpath or pedestrian access or crossing facility at Airport Drive. 

This planned pathway will be much appreciated by the young people who walk from the public transport stops at the International Terminal to their workplaces at the BNE Service Centre. Cycling is not permitted on Nancy Bird Way  so the path will also provide access for people on bicycles too. 

We hope the Brisbane Airport Corporation will go on to connect pathways to the other workplaces along Nancy Bird Way.Currently pedestrians from these workplaces do not have path  so they must walk on the road shoulder. ( See photo below). 

We also hope that future new developments at the Brisbane Airport will include access for pedestrians and people on bicycles and that the Brisbane Airport Corporation will work to connect safe and convenient access for pedestrians and people who bicycle to all workplaces at the Brisbane Airport.

Airport BUG is campaigning to get pedestrian connections to this site as well as other areas of the airport such as the Domestic Terminal, Da Vinci Busines Park, Ivy May Way and Aerotech Park. 

1 June 2015

North Brisbane Bikeway wants your feedback.

North Brisbane Bikeway
The plans for the North Brisbane Bikeway from  Bowen Hills to Wooloowin (Stages 2 and 3B and 3C), are available for public comment and consultation. The facility will comprise a off-road, bi-directional, route to and from the city from Wooloowin. It will feature bicycle priority road crossings and  will be suitable for anyone, on any sort of bike.  It will suit those who are currently too afraid to ride for fear of busy roads and aggressive drivers, and should get more people out of their cars and onto their bikes.  

You can watch the video of how the cyclist priority crossings will work (this is a new thing for Queensland), read the plans  and provide comments to Transport and Main Roads on the following link: http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Projects/Name/N/North-Brisbane-Bikeway.aspx

Feedback is required by 10 June 2015.

14 May 2015 New Northside  Groups Lobby for better condition.
The Northside of Brisbane has long been the poor cousin in terms of bicycle infrastructure and connectivity.   People who ride into the city from the northern suburbs have a convoluted, disconnected, unsafe journey to the city.

In response to the lack of action by state and local governments to improve conditions for cycling on the north side of Brisbane two groups have formed to lobbying for better infrastructure and road conditions.

They are: 

The Northern Bikeway Action Group 


Brisbane North BUG  
The Northside Bikeway Action Group are campaigning on several black spots on the cycling route to town.  They have made a video highlighting some of the bike unfriendly sections along Dickson Street which is the official bike route to the city.  You can view the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-pU-opWI34&feature=youtu.be

If you live on the Northside of Brisbane and want to add your voice to improve the roads for people who bike check out these groups and lend them your support. 

14 April 2015
Airport BUG presented to the Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (BACACG).

Airport cyclists Kees Van Haasteren and Caroline McAllen presented at a recent BACACG meeting. Kees and Caroline's presentation included an overview of who we are and what we do, then highlighted our major issues around the airport precinct. You can view Airport BUG's presentation here: Airport BUG's presentation 

In response BAC advised funding has been promised for: A shared pathway leading to the Service Centre, a bike path on Lomandra dive all the way the Da Vinci Precinct, and an off road path along old Myrtle Town Road.  

BAC have also started to look at the connections between Lomandra Drive, the  International and Domestic Terminals. Airport Bug is in the process of putting forward a proposal and preferred route for make this a safe and well connected route.  At the end of the meeting BAC also confirmed that  bike parking and end of trip facilities had been added to the new DFO expansion as a direct result of community pressure.

BAC's presentation can be viewed here: BAC Cycle Strategy

10 Feb 2015
Bicycle and Pedestrian access to Da Vinci Precinct 

We have some good news for people who walk and ride bikes to the Da Vinci Precinct.
The Brisbane Airport Corporation have informed us that they plan to connect a bicycle and pedestrian path to Da Vinci Precinct.

BAC have confirmed that this connection will be constructed this calendar year. This is great news to for the people who work and study at the Da Vinci Precinct,  especially our friends at Aviation Australia, as it gives them the option to use active and sustainable  transport modes to travel to and from work.

This connection when combined with the planned path for the Moreton Bay Cycleway along Lomandra Drive and down Viola Place to Schneider Road will make the Da Vinci Precinct one of the most accessible precincts at the Brisbane Airport.


Moreton Bay Cycleway - 

Lomandra Drive to Schneider Road project announced.

The Moreton Bay Cycleway - Lomandra Drive to Schneider Road project is a joint initiative between the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR), Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) and Brisbane City Council.

A joint funding arrangement has been negotiated between BAC, DTMR and Council.
The Moreton Bay Cycleway - Lomandra Drive to Schneider Road is part of the wider Moreton Bay Cycleway that will connect:

- south to Eight Mile Plains, along the Bulimba Creek Bikeway
- north to Redcliffe, along the Moreton Bay Cycleway
- to the Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) cycle network.

The Moreton Bay Cycleway - Lomandra Drive to Schneider Road project involves:
- widening the shared pathway on Lomandra Drive between Qantas Drive and Viola Place
- providing bike lanes and/or footpaths along Viola Place
- providing a shared pathway from the southern end of Viola Place along the Pinkenba Rail corridor to Schneider Road
- installing lighting
- providing wayfinding signage.

The objectives of the project are to:

- complete the missing link in the Moreton Bay Cycleway
- improve safety and access for cyclists and pedestrians
- connect northern and southern suburbs of Brisbane to major employment hubs of Brisbane Airport and Australia Trade Coast.

BAC will undertake the design and construction of the project elements on its land which includes the works on Lomandra Drive and Viola Place. Council will undertake the design and construction for the shared pathway link from the end of Viola Place to Schneider Road.

Council’s component of the project involves constructing approximately 380 metres of shared pathway from the southern end of Viola Place along the Pinkenba Rail corridor (east of the Gateway Motorway) to Schneider Road. The project also involves installing lighting and wayfinding signage.

The Viola Place to Schneider Road bikeway link is part of Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s commitment for Brisbane City Council to provide $120 million in new bikeway infrastructure over four years, as part of the ‘Better Bikeways 4 Brisbane’ program.


Airport BUG is seeking to be involved in consultation for this project.

17/11/2014. G20 Leaders ride from Brisbane Airport

Which G20 Leaders will ride their bike from Brisbane Airport to the City?

G20 Leaders Bike Route
A bike ride from Brisbane Airport to the G20 venue at the Convention Centre is about an hours ride (18 km) using the bike routes, so who amongst the  G20 leaders would be most likely to ditch the limo and make the journey  by bike?

Airport BUG’s international policy experts have assessed the G20 leaders for 'bike friendliness' and we offer the following appraisals:

Barack Obama would love to ride but sadly his security team assessed it as too dangerous. Not from the risk of terrorist attack, as terrorists wouldn't be looking for a bloke on a bike, but from the risk that the leader of the free world would be taken out by a passing truck whilst riding on the narrow shoulders of  Lomandra Drive  or be the victim of a car-dooring on Dickson Street or other bike-unfriendly street on the 'Albion Wooloowin Death Corridor' or a take a slide on the slick steel plates fiendishly located on the apex of a corner on the Toxic Bikepath. Even a hovering helicopter gunship and a hummer full of navy seals couldn't protect Obama from these hazards.

Tony Abbott our very own man in Lycra is not likely to ride unless  Vladimir Putin, also rides. Then our PM would ride to catch up with Putin and make good his threat to  ‘shirt-front' him. Whatever that is?

Vladimir Putin (below left) would be unlikely to ride from the airport in
case Tony Abbott catches up to him. If he did ride, it would be with Russian  PM Dimitri Medvedev (below right) who can tell Tony Abbott again to 'tone it down' mate.

The real contenders for G20 leaders who are likely to ride from the airport are: 

Joko Widodo,  Indonesia’s new president, who is a big supporter of riding to work. He hopes to get many of Jakarta’s 10 million residents to give up their cars and use bikes instead.


Italy's Matteo Renzi  (left) is often seen getting around on a bike, and looks very stylish and at ease.

François Hollande, a Parisian, who would likely choose to ride a Brisbane City Cycle which are very similar to the French Velib bikes.  

Left - UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, used to cycle to work before he became PM.  He could easily ride from the airport but he would need to remember where he left his helmet, as they are compulsory in Queensland.

India’s Narendra Modicampaigned on a bicycle so he would have no problems unless his sign is about anti-corruption or climate change, then the Brisbane Airport Corporation may take it off him. Hopefully they can't read  sanskrit.

In the possible but unlikely category we have:

Xi Jinping,  President of the People's Republic of China, enjoys carrying his daughter on a bicycle but doesn't look like he goes very far.

Herman Van Rompuy, head of the EU, there is not much evidence of Mr. Van Rompuy riding very often.

Angela Merkel is not sure her battery is compatible with Australian power outlets, but she may still go for a spin.

Steven Harper from Canada doesn't seem to ride a bike, but one of his kids does... and keeps leaving the damn thing on the front stairs.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, President of Argentina, wants everyone else to ride but doesn't seem to ride herself.

The following G20 leaders are the least likely leaders be riding a bike from the airport...

King Abdullah, of Saudi Arabia doesn't ride but he does car-share.

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil doesn't cycle but likes motorbikes and football.

We don't know if Japan’s Shinzō Abe has ever ridden a bike, but he likes to fly planes.

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma has been known to catch the bus, but not ride a bike. 

Park Geun-hye is the first woman to be elected as President in South Korea. She doesn't seem to use any sort of transport, the only thing with wheels we can find a photo of her on is a shopping trolley!

Dark Diggers Drive near Kalinga Park

1 November 2014. Cyclists have been asked to use the Diggers Drive Road when travelling along Kedron Brook Bikeway, leaving the pathway for pedestrians.

Cyclists must use Diggers Drive

Left: Signs direct people on bikes to use Diggers Drive as part of the Kedron Brook Bikeway. 

Our concerns are that Diggers Drive is unlit and the lovely trees which shade it and the path during the day make it even darker in the evenings. 

Our requests to the Brisbane City Council to have lighting installed along Diggers Drive have not been successful. However the Lord Mayor said due to the absence of street lighting on Diggers Drive cyclists may use the footpath (which is lit) after dark.  <link to letter from Mayor>
Whilst we agree with the Mayor that separating cyclists and pedestrians to avoid conflict on this section of Kedron Brook Bikeway is a good idea, reducing the amenity for people travelling on bicycles should not be a part of the deal.  By moving bike riders onto Diggers Drive, people on bikes have lost the amenity of lighting at night ( important for security) and lost the amenity of a car free route ( important for children and their carers). 

Despite espousing support for cycling in numerous council planning and policy documents, by reducing the amenity for cyclists who use Kedron Brook Bikeway the Brisbane City Council shows that it does not really take cycling seriously. 

 Cycling Round-table

Sat 11th October 2014. Mitch attended the cycling roundtable organised by Cycle.org 
Twenty five people from organisations representing all types of people who ride including sports cyclists, slow cycling groups, women's cycling groups, commuter cycling, and touring cyclists. Discussion involved how we can normalise cycling, how we can get more people cycling, especially more women and children cycling and how we can promote the benefits of cycling to the community and to politicians.
The London Cycling Campaign's Space for Cycling campaign was adopted as a framework to design  a Queensland campaign for cycling focusing on the candidates in the upcoming state election. 

30/4/14  Thanks to everyone who came along to the Bike Week Breakfast at Golf Central Brisbane Airport. It was fabulous weather to ride to work and a great location for breakfast.  Thanks also to Andrew and Susan from CASA for the idea of having a Bike Week Breakfast. It was so much fun we will have to have another one soon.  

Below: Patrick from Ansaldo and Sue from CASA at Airport Bike Week Breakfast.     Below: Bikes overflow the racks.
Andrew and Sue at The Airport Bike Week BreakfastBikes at Bike Week Breakfast
Golf Central serve up the Bike Week BreakfastBike Week Breakfast Golf Central Brisbane Airport
Above: Golf Central serves up Bacon and Eggs on the BBQ for the Airport Bike Week Breakfast.



Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has released its 2014 Preliminary Draft Master Plan for public comment. 


Every five years, major airports in Australia are required to submit a Master Plan to the Australian Government. The Master Plan outlines developments at the airport for the next 20 years.


Public comment period

The 2014 draft Master Plan is available now at:  http://www.bne.com.au/corporate/upgrading-your-airport/2014-master-plan

There is a  60 business-day public comment period, which ends on Thursday, 26 June 2014. Once the community has had the opportunity to comment on the Master Plan, it will be submitted to the the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development  ( The Hon Warren Truss MP) for final approval. 


Public displays: You can talk to the Brisbane Airport's Master Plan team at the following times and locations:

  • Thursday 8 May: Skygate Precinct at The Circuit, Brisbane Airport (next to Woolworths) 5.30pm to 7.30pm
  • Thursday 15 May: Toombul Shopping Centre, 1015 Sandgate Road (next to Coles) 10am – 2pm and 5pm to 7pm
  • Thursday 22 May: Cannon Hill Shopping Centre, Cnr Creek and Wynnum roads, Cannon Hill (next to Coles) 10am – 2pm and 5pm to 7pm


For us cyclists, the relevant section would be Chapter 12 - Ground Transport Plan.

The references to active transport initiatives in the new 2014 plan are on page 269 of the 2014 Masterplan. Or see a pdf of page 269 here:


15 December 2013 - The new bike and pedestrian bridge and a new path to the western side of the Brisbane is now open.

This is the first ever pedestrian access to the Brisbane Airport precinct. Currently people who jog to work have to run along the road shoulder of Airport Drive, hurdling traffic barriers and crossing roads without assistance of pedestrian signals. Now pedestrian access to the airport precinct will be safe and easy.

Current airport cyclists will appreciate the option of a motor-traffic free connection from the Kedron Brook Bikeway to the Brisbane Airport precinct. This facility will no doubt attract new active transport users.

Path to Airport

Enquiry into Cycling Issues

On 7 June 2013, the Legislative Assembly agreed to a motion that the Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee inquire into and report on cycling issues. The Committee is to report back to the House by 29 November 2013.

The Committee will consider the following particular issues to improve the interaction of cyclists with other road users:

  *   short and long term trends in bicycle injuries and fatalities involving motor vehicles;

  *   evaluation, considering factors such as effectiveness, enforceability and impacts on other road users of existing and any other alternative road rules, such as the 1m rule, which govern interaction between cyclists and other road users;
  *   current penalties and sanctions, including where there are differential fine rates for cyclists compared to other road users; and
  *   the potential benefits and impacts of bicycle registration.

The Committee will consult with key interest groups including road user groups, bicycle rider associations, road safety experts, government agencies and individual members of the public and is currently calling for written submissions. Submissions which close on
Friday 26 July 2013.

The Committee held a public briefing by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Queensland Police Service on Tuesday 18 June 2013. A transcript of the briefing and documents tabled on the day can be found at http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/en/work-of-committees/committees/THLGC/inquiries/current-inquiries/INQ-CYC

An initial public hearing will be held in the Parliamentary Annexe, Brisbane on 21 August 2013 with further hearings to be held at times and locations to be advised. Please check the Committee’s website (see link above) for further details as they become available.

Please send submissions to the Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee email 
mailto:thlgc@parliament.qld.gov.au If you would prefer to send a hard copy please send it to

The Research Director
Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee
Parliament House
George St
QLD 4000

Further details about making a submission are available on the website at http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/work-of-committees/committees/THLGC/inquiries/current-inquiries/INQ-CYC

Kedron Brook Bikeway intermittent closure
Mon 4th &Tue 5th November 2013

The Brisbane City Council  bikeways team  advise that there will be intermittent closures  of the Kedron Brook Bikeway  for the construction of the Gateway North bikeway at Nundah. (This is  where the Gateway Motorway  and Nudgee Rd cross over the bikeway not far from the Nundah Criterion Track).   The closures are for lifting of the bridge decking onto the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Schultz canal).    These closures will be up to 15 minutes duration.

Friday 8th November 2013 is Walk To Work Day.

Walking for just 15 minutes a day can add 3 years to your life. Why not start walking this Friday. You can walk in your lunch break. You may be able to catch the train or bus and walk to work ( depending on provision of footpaths where your workplace is located).

Airport BUG & PED cannot recommend  anyone attempts to walk to the Brisbane Airport from the surrounding suburbs because there is no designated pedestrian access to the Brisbane Airport.  Hopefully this is something we will change through lobbying for pedestrian connections to the 240 workplaces at the Brisbane Airport Precinct.  

August 2012 - Cyclists look for an alternative route to avoid the road work barriers on Lomandra.

The lack of road space caused by road construction barriers on Lomandra Drive is causing concern for cyclists. With the loss of the road shoulder for cycling, combined with increased debris on the road due to roadworks, cyclists are investigating alternative routes. 

Some cyclists have been using Litsea Street and Endeavour Street which joins Lomandra to Qantas Drive avoiding the roadworks.

 The problem is the Litsea Street and Endeavor St route is on roads which are not officially open yet.

Airport BUG & PED have requested BAC to open this route to cyclists to allow them to avoid the roadworks.  BAC have said this is not possible because there is still works proceeding in the estate.

To the cyclists who use this route regardless, please be cautious and look out for hazards like machinery and road barriers. 

See map below with route in red dots which Airport BUG & PED have requested BAC to open for cyclists.


- Click map for larger image -
Above: Litsea St

August 2012 - BAC agrees to consider bike lane request.

Airport BUG & PED has given feedback to BAC on the intersection plan. We have identified some possible pinch points  and asked that the curbing at these locations be set back. We have also asked for a bicycle lane for cyclists travelling straight through the intersection. In addition we have requested wide sealed shoulders on Lomanda as part of the upgrade. BAC has agreed to consider these cycle friendly imporvements suggeted by Airport BUG & PED.  See plans submitted by Airport BUG & PED to BAC below identifying pinch points ( red lines) and possible location for bike lane ( red box). 

 - click on plans for larger view -

June 2012 - Pedestrian Signals at Lomandra Dr/ Qantas Dr intersection

In conjunction with the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Lomandra Drive and Qantas Drive a footpath will be constructed  along both sides of Qantas Drive from Lomandra drive.

 The current crossing area which pedestrians and some cyclists use to cross Lomandra Drive to access Qantas Drive will be removed and pedestrians and these cyclists will cross at the signalised intersection.    Zebra crossings will assist pedestrians cross the slip lanes.

For cyclists using the footpath/ cyclepath travelling to from Lakeside Drive path to Qantas Drive, an issue may be  a wait at two signalised crossings. One to cross Lomandra and another to cross to the correct ( left) side of Qantas Drive.   (Outbound will be better as cyclists will only have to cross one road).

Cyclists riding  straight along Lomandra Drive through the intersection may experience some issues with the  narrow road shoulder whilst passing the intersection medians and immediatly after the intersection.

 See plan below. Airport BUG members are invited to provide feedback on the plan to Airport BUG & PED who will pass this information on th BAC.

Above: Plan showing signalised ped and bike crossing and footpath/cyclepaths. ( Click for larger view).

April 2012 - Bikerack installed at domestic terminal carpark.

A new bicycle parking area has appeared on the footpath near Brisbane Airport's new parking station. (see pictures below).  This is a good indication that Brisbane Airport is on it's way to becoming a bicycle friendly destination.   Airport BUG regularly receives enquiries from the travelling public regarding bicycle parking and other facilities at the terminals. Airport BUG believes there is also a market for secure undercover bicycle parking at the Brisbane Airport.




March 2012 -Latest from Brisbane City Council on the pedestrian and cycle pathway to  Brisbane Airport

Councillor Julian Simmonds has written to Airport BUG & PED to advise that an application for funding for the bridge across Schulz canal and pathway to the Brisbane Airport has been submitted to the Federal Government.

Read the letter from Cr Julian Simmonds below.

Letter from BCC re cycle access.pdf



Bikeway Closure Update Post Floods 8 Feb 2011

For more information please contact:

 -         Lindsay Enright, Senior Program Officer, Active Transport, Brisbane City Council on 3403 5012

 -         John Lee, Program Officer, Active Transport, Brisbane City Council on 3403 9724

Article In City North News and Northern Times

Link to article

New National Cycling Strategy 2011-16.

The Australian Bicycle Council is the national body that has managed and coordinated implementation of the Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011 - 2016. Building on the National Cycling Strategy 2005 - 2010, it identifies a series of actions to help more people get on their bikes, and start riding for a better life. This strategy sets out a series of actions that will help to deliver its overarching vision which is to double the number of people cycling in Australia over the next five years. This suggests a commitment and support of governments and non-government organisations across the country. Read it here. The Australian Bicycle Council secretariat is provided by Austroads.




Current Issues  Submissions  News   Contacts   Links  Join    Home




A possible bikeway linkage from Terminal Drive  to Viola Place across Trade Coast land parallel to the rail line was proposed in a submission by Airport BUG to Dept of Main Roads in conjunction with Gateway Bikeway public consultation.   
Main Roads Dept ( who are building connections to the Gateway Bikeway down Terminal Drive) and Brisbane City Council (who own Terminal Drive) and the Brisbane Airport Corporation (who own Viola Place) have expressed their support for the idea.
However Trade Coast Central who are the developers are not in favour of the connection.  The reasons for this opposition are not clear as the land is not useful for development as is bounded by a drainage ditch and the rail line.    
Currently the machinery and labour are in the vicinity  building a bikeway down Terminal drive . Whilst the machinery ( and the momentum) is available we believe we would be able to get this additional connection to Viola Place built if the Trade Coast developers would agree.
Airport BUG has spoken with Gavin Williams from Main Roads, Simon Banfield from BCC active transport and Mark Willey and Terry Rossito from Brisbane Airport Corporation. All agree that the connection is a good idea but none seems to have influence over Trade Coast Developers
Airport BUG is concentrating their advocacy efforts on the Brisbane City Council as  BCC are part owners of Trade Coast.   Hopefully this opportunity for a safe and convienient cycle access to the Brisbane Airport will not  be lost.




Airport representatives at the BAC Community Forum held today said in response to questions that they thought Airport Drive would become a more cycle friendly road now that the majority of the traffic was being encouraged onto the new roads: Moreton Drive and Nancy-Bird Way.  They hastily added that Qantas Drive was the preferred cycle route to the International Terminal but  agreed that Airport Drive between the International and Domestic Terminals would be more cycle friendly beacuse of the expected reduction in motorised traffic. 
The BAC representatives also said that a cycle path was being considered under the airtrain line to  the domestic terminal.   Does this mean there will be a cycle connection between the International and Domestic terminals under the airtrain line?   The cycle routes on the airport masterplan don't show this but many airport cyclists would agree that this woul be a great cycle connection between the terminals. 




3/8/09 CyCliNG oN AiRPoRT  

BAC traffic update newsletter for August asks that cyclists do not travel over Bridge 1, instead use  Qantas Drive which can be accessed from Airport Drive via charlie Earp Bridge and Lakeside Drive. This route can be found  on the directional map at www.brisbaneairport.com.au , clicking on Major Projects.


1/4/09  Diversion for cyclists around roadworks.

 Due to road works, all inbound lanes of Airport Drive ( eading towards the terminals) will be divirted onto Bridge 1. ( see map).  The outbound lanes will be divrted onto the previous inbound lanes.  BAC has designated a cycling route via Charlie Earp Bridge, Lakeside Drive  and Qantas Drive which is outlines on map 2.  BAC has prohibited cycling in Airport Drive, between Charlie Earp Bridge and the International Terminal roundabout from the start of the diversion ( end April/ early May) until further notice. The cycle diversion will be clearly signposted. 






4/12/08 Meeting with Port of Brisbane Corporation regarding cycle access to Fishermans Island

Some Airport BUG members have transferred to the Port of Brisbane for their work.  These members report that the cycling access to the port is difficult, and as a result they do not currently cycle to work at the port.  As Airport BUG members who work in border protection agencies often rotate between the airport and the Port of Brisbane Fishermans Island, Airport BUG has approached the Port of Brisbane Corporation regarding cycle access to the port.  We believe bicycle access towards the port will improve with the construction of dedicated bicycle infrastructure in conjunction with the Port of Brisbane Motorway upgrade. These bicycle facilities will form part of the Moreton Bay Cycleway.  


Airport BUG member Mitch Bright met with Dr. Bill Tranberg, Senior Manager Infrastructure Planning & Chief Engineer at Port of Brisbane Corporation to inquire if the Port of Brisbane Corporation had plans to connect any cycle facilities to the nearby Moreton Bay Cycleway.  This is a summary of the information provided at the meeting:


The Port of Brisbane Corporation are supportive of workers at the port who choose to cycle to work, however the Port Corporation are concerned that the number and frequency of large trucks accessing the port are a hazard to on road cyclists.  The Port Corporation plan to build an off road cycle and pedestrian path  from the end of the council planned cycle route ( near the boat ramp) to the Port Visitor Information centre.  This would include building a dedicated cycle bridge.  At the visitor centre the Port proposes to provide end of trip facilities for cyclists and a bus workers from the Visiter information centre to their workplace within the port precinct.


Mitch commented that the benefits of cycling usually enjoyed by commuters are door to door transport, parking close to the workplace and freedom from adherence to timetables. Bill replied that many port werkers were accustomed to using buses to access their workplaces as many of the wharf areas were not accessible any other way. Mitch commented that the streets around the commerecial and  office precinct of Port Central are quiter and suitable for cycling. . Bill Tranberg agreed that cycle access to these worplaces from the visitor centre would be possible. 




1/12/08  Briefing from BAC on Airport Masterplan

On Monday 1st December,  Airport Bug representatives met with BAC for a briefing on the Airport Masterplan 2009, in particular their Land Transport Strategy which includes plans for cycle routes.  Andrea Alderton, Tony Jed and Mitch Bright were briefed by Terry Rossito (Transport Infrastructure Manager) and Mark Willey ( Executive Manageer Airport Planning) from BAC.
The briefing included a overview of airport operations and future projections.  BAC predict the full time workforce at the airport will rise from the current 16 thousand full time equivalents to 24 thousand by 2020.  Along with increases in passenger numbers expected, BAC realise that access to the airport by motorvehicle will not be sustainable at these numbers and they plan to increase availability and patronage of public transport. Cycling is also planned to increase and BAC have a network of off road bicycle paths planned for commuter and recreational cycle use.
The plan of the cycleways looked  like it will  provide comprehensive coverage of the airport precincts with direct and inconnected cycle routes.    Airport BUG expressed it's concerns about the safety of shared bicycle, pedestrian paths and advised that the since the paths would likely be used by commuter cyclists, it may be best to seperate pedestrians and cyclists.   The question was asked what were BAC's policy regarding on road cycling?  The answer was that BAC would not prevent on road cycling, but they hoped that cyclists would prefer the off road paths.
No date was given for construction but BAC indicated that they plan to strarting construction prior to completion of the Gateway Cycleway.   It was noted that the Gateway cycleway was not due to be completed until 2011and BAC advised that they have been lobbying BCC and Main Roads to provide cycle connections to the airport precinct a lot earlier than this. 
The issue of end of trip facilities was raised by Airport BUG.  BAC was quite receptive to providing secure bicycle parking as part of terminal redevelopment.  They were also interested in the concept of a bicycle assembly area at the terminals to cater for people travelling with bikes and wishing to ride from the terminals.  Airport BUG noted the PR potential for BAC in providing such a facility, particularly as the airport will be a major transport hub along the proposed Moreton Bay Cycle Route.



3/11/08 Invite from BAC 

BAC have invited the executive of Airport Bicycle Users Group to attend a briefing on the 2009 Master Plan, focusing primarily on the Surface Transport and Cycling strategy.  THe briefing will take place on 1 Dec 08. The 2009 Brisbane Airport Master Plan is scheduled for release for public comment in late January 2009.

2/10/08 Reply from BAC

BAC have responded to Airport BUG's request for BAC to facilitate cycle access through roadwork areas and improve cycle access on airport roads.

Read letter from BAC here.  

Airport BUG  believe work on bicycle facilities on some airport roads which are not affected by roadworks could commence immediatly. Lomandra Drive badly needs a safe bicycle facility either on road or off road. Preferable both.


 22/9/08   Letter from Transport Minister

Federal Minister for transport  Anthony Albanese MP has replied to Airport BUG's request for assistance with cycle access to Brisbane Airport Precinct.

Read letter from Fed Transport Minister here.




Report from BAC Community Forum Sat 6th September 2008
The Abruzzo Club, 
150 Fursden Rd Carina.

Airport BUG attended Brisbane Airport Community Forum on Sat 6th Sept  
The majority of the questions from the community in this area concerned aircraft noise and flightpaths.  

Airport BUG asked if the road constructed between Chloris Street and Hibiscus Street, ( see opposite image), as a diversion of Airport Drive  would have sealed shoulders? 
Mr. Stephen Goodwin, General manager - Operations at Brisbane Airport Corporation replied that the road constructed would have sealed shoulders.  
Jim Carden - Corporate Relations Manager at BAC added that Brisbane Airport Corporation  were not anti-cycling and the planning for cycling at the airport includes facilities for all cyclists, BAC acknowledging that commuter cyclists and recreational cyclists have different needs.
In summary, the sealing of the road shoulder is positive news for those cyclists at Airservices who continue to battle the bicycle unfriendly roadworks up Airport Drive.  It is also good that BAC acknowledges that commuter cyclists and recreational cyclists have different needs and hopefully this will be reflected in the cycling plans in the soon to be released Airport Masterplan.   
Hopefully, little by little we will gain positive outcomes for cyclists at the Airport Precinct through our activism and through educating authorities regarding cycling.

Letter from BAC.

Airport BUG received a reply from Brisbane Airport Corporation in response to a request from Airport BUG to meet to discuss planning for bicycle routes and infrastructure at the airport.

Read letter from BAC here.

BAC replied that first they would finalise discussions with Dept of Main Roads and Brisbane City Council. They estimate this would be around October/November this year. Then they would meet with Airport Bug. 

We consider this is a positive sign that BAC are prepared to discuss cycle planing, although Airport BUG would prefer to have input to planning at an earlier stage, as we believe our members are in a good position to offer constructive input from their considerable experience with cycling at the airport precinct.



Report from BAC Community Forum Sat 2 August
The Booroodabin Bowls Club

126 Breakfast Creek Rd Newstead

Kerry, Mitch, Tony and Lisa from Airport Bug attended the Brisbane Airport Community Forum on Sat 2/8/09 at The Booroodabin Bowls Club Newstead.
The meeting began as it did last time with a slide show of the airport development plans and the initial questions from the public concerned airport noise and flight path issues.
We asked why the 'Sustainable Airport' brochure did not mention mentioning cycling  as a sustainable transport option.  The reply was that the brochure was old and BAC now supports cycling as a sustainable transport option to the airport.  We also mentioned some issues that Airport Bug members had raised in the membership survey such as soil on the road verge needing to be swept up.  Mitch said he would send BAC all the comments from Airport Bug members  as a 'wish' list for cycling improvements and Jim Caden indicated he would consider these requests.
 In response to other questions from us, BAC indicated a signalised intersection ( traffic lights) would be established very soon at he intersection of Airport Drive and Lomandra Drive and later at Lomandra / Qantas Drive intersection.  Mark Willey from BAC said the connections for cycle access to the Airport had recently been discussed with Main Roads Dept and Brisbane City Council.  He also said cycle infrastructure within the airport had been brought forward in the planning schedule. ( no date specified).  BAC also said they supported the Gateway Bikeway joining the airport at Viola Avenue, which was the same comment Airport Bug made in the submission to Main Roads. ( You can read ABug submission here: http://airportbug.googlepages.com/gatewaybikewaysubmission.
It was worthwhile for  Airport Bug to attend the forum as we demonstrated that we were a active and concerned lobby group who deserve a seat at the table when it comes to airport transport planning.



Report from BAC community Forum on Sat 5th July

by Mitch Bright

On Sat I went to the BAC community forum in the hall on Racecourse Road.
There was only a small group of about 20 people attending and about  7 BAC staff.
Some people has cardboard signs 'BAC Environmental Vandals" written in bold dripping paint and they waved these about at intervals, but most people sat quietly until question time and then voiced their concerns. Mostly issues were regarding the new Parrallel Runway (NPR) and aircraft noise issues.
 I recognised John Lister from CBD bug.  John asked a few questions regarding cycle access to the airport. Once the cycling issue was raised, Koen Rooijmans, CEO of BAC , responded.   Mr Rooijmans repeated the excuses for cycling being 'discouraged' which was expected. He confirmed  BAC cannot ban cyclists. Mark Willey, Manager of Airport Planning, repeated the familiar line of BAC having a commitment in their plans for a bicycle network but they can't do anything until  'connectivity' is established.  
I asked when the 2009 update for the masterplan would be released for public comment?  (Answer: September 08 and it has to be to the Fed Minister for transport by May 09).
It was good to see the cycling issues are being pushed to the fore with BAC.  The release of Main Roads Gateway bike path plan connecting to the airport and BAC Master Plan up for review are great opportunities for us at Airport BUG to get involved at the planning stage lobby for some really good bicycle infrastructure at the Brisbane Airport.

For more details click on the BAC masterplan newsletter below.




Brisbane Airport Corpration has invited the community to a consultation forum on Sat 5th July 10am - 12pm at Hamilton Town Hall, cnr Racecourse Rd and Rossiter Parade Hamilton.  A representative from Airport BUG will be attending to ask about the new masterplan and cycling access in particular connections to Main Roads cycle routes as indicated on the Gatewaybike way draft plan.














The Department of Main Roads has released a Dreaft Bikeway Plan for a pathway between the new Gateway Bridge and the Kedron Brook Wetlands Bikeway. 

This bikeway will provide connections to the Brisbane Airport precinct from the North and the South.  A plan of the bikeway, together with a feedback form is available from The Department of Main Roads.

Phone 1800 268257 .   

Email:  gatewaybikewayproject@mainroads.qld.gov.au 

Web: Gateway Bikeway Project