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Shaw Rd upgrade is a downgrade for people cycling and walking.

Removing the bicycle lanes on Shaw Road, adding another two traffic lanes and making Kedron Brook bikeway users press a pedestrian button to cross the driveway to the sports ground are part of Brisbane City Council's disastrous Shaw Rd plan. 

A petition for a safe crossing of Shaw Rd by residents and cyclists was the impetus for the plan and a signalised crossing is included but the majority of the plan seeks to facilitate rat runners from the outer suburbs getting through these local streets as fast as possible. Local people who want to get out of their driveways, go to and from shops, businesses to the sports fields or even just cross the road are unfairly impacted by BCC's support of this rat run. Rat runner facilitation on Shaw Rd now includes numerous no right turn signs and surprisingly even a no left turn sign at peak hour. 

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Dryandra Rd Underpass to include access for pedestrians and dedicated space for bikes. Feb 2017

At the BACACG meeting we received the bad news from Brisbane Airport Corporation representatives that the planned Dryandra Rd underpass will not include pedestrian and cycle facilities. The BAC advised pedestrians will be banned completely although bicycle access will be permitted on the road.

We will ask the BAC to reconsider this decision. We consider Brisbane Airport should not remove the option for people to travel to work and to visit this precinct using active transport.  We believe the decision not to include facilities for people to walk and ride bicycles is inconsistent with the vision statements in the Brisbane Airport 2014 Masterplan  one of which is to "maximise connectivity and accessibility" (Ch 12 p.215). The decision is also contrary to initiatives in the Airport Masterplan to:  “Expand the active transport network across the airport”.  and “Improve footpaths, aiming to improve pedestrian connectivity between key precincts”  (Ch 12. pages 262 and 269).  The removal of pedestrian access and bicycle access is also inconsistent with the initiatives in the Brisbane Airport Ground Transport Plan 2012 to 'encourage employees to use alternative modes' and 'enable a mode shift to public transport, walking or cycling'.

Please Lord Mayor Open the Gate

Airport BUG has written to the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk saying that we have waited too long for the construction of the bikeway from Viola Place to Schneider road promised in 2014. We are asking the Mayor to open the gate at the end of Viola Place to allow people on bicycles to ride on the existing gravel path to connect to Schneider Rd and safe access to the Gateway Bridge Bike way.

Space for Cycling Brisbane

Space for Cycling Brisbane is a  grass roots campaign run by Brisbane's Bicycle Advocacy groups to lobby local councillors in the run up to the Brisbane City Council elections next year. You can read the campaign page here.

Make Acacia Avenue, Northgate bike friendly.

Airport BUG complained that recent roadworks ( curbing and line marking) has made Acacia Avenue traffic lanes too narrow for a motor vehicle to safely overtake a bicycle travelling in the same direction. We also complained that the curbing prevents cyclists exiting the road to the road shoulder when they need to - i.e. when a truck or other large vehicle is following.

Safe connection for people to walk and bike between the terminals.

There is currently no safe, direct and convenient route for people to walk or bike between the Domestic and International Terminals.  

Currently people walk alongside Airport Drive, through gardens and over rough ground to traverse between the terminals.  

The current bicycle route from the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminal is along the shoulder of Airport Drive and requires riders negotiate the bicycle unfriendly Domestic Terminal roundabout and the Moreton Drive intersection.  

A good safe bike and pedestrian route between the terminals would benefit both workers and visitors. Airport workers such as the Federal Police Bike Squad who ride between the terminals in their duties would appreciate this route. The workers who use a bicycle to commute to their workplaces at the Domestic Terminal would also appreciate a safe, direct and stress free ride to work.

Read more here.


Pedestrian and Bicycle Access to new BNE Service Centre

The new BNE Service Centre on Nancy Bird Way includes a McDonald’s,  KFC, Hungry Jack’s, Subway, Sushi, and Coffee Club as well as a Shell garage, car wash and a Coles Express grocery store. 

The BNE Service Centre is within easy walking distance of the bus and train stops at the International Terminal but no pedestrian access has been provided from this public transport stop to the BNE Service Centre. There is currently no bike connection either. Read more here.

A path along Nudgee Rd between the new bike bridge and Frankiln Street. 

Since the completion of the bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Schultz canal, increasing numbers of  cyclists and pedestrians are using the western footpath of Nudgee Rd to access the bridge. This footpath is unsealed and uneven with holes and ruts. 

Airport BUG has asked local councillor Kim Flessor  to construct a good wide sealed bi-directional connection between Franklin Street and the bicycle and pedestrian bridge.

Read more here.

There is a growing demand for an end-of-trip facility for workers who bike to work at the Brisbane Domestic Terminal. There are currently no suitable showers or lockers for the growing number staff who choose to ride to work.  Safe and secure storage for bicycles is also needed. Read more here.

Bicycle access to the Port of Brisbane

Several years ago the Port banned bicycles from using Port Roads due to safety concerns. At this time, Airport BUG met with the Port Authority. At this meeting the Port Authority advised they planned to develop an off-road connection for bicycles to the Port of Brisbane as part of a Port of Brisbane Cycling Strategy.  This also included a bridge across the culvert from the boat ramp park and an end-of trip facility for cyclists on the Port.

In 2010 the Government sold the port to a Private company. The port is now run by the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL). 

Having seen no progress on the Port of Brisbane Cycling Strategy, Airport BUG wrote to the Port of Brisbane asking about their plans for bicycle access to the Port of Brisbane.  The Port of Brisbane replied that they are supportive of Active Transport but has not provided any specific plans  for reinstating access by people who ride bicycles to the Port of Brisbane. Read more here.

Campaign archives

In this archive are some the issues that Airport BUG has campaigned on over the past six years to improve access for active transport users to and within the Brisbane Airport.

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They say most people choose to drive to work at Brisbane airport, but without safe and convenient active transport, driving is not really a choice.