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Airport  Bug & Ped Mission Statement:

To promote the creation of safe, direct and convenient bicycle and pedestrian access to the Brisbane Airport . To advocate for cyclists and pedestrians who commute to and travel within the Brisbane Airport precinct. To work with authorities and the airport community to educate and lobby for improved bicycle and pedestrian  access and facilities. 

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                          Airport Bug  & Ped Aims:

 The bug will advocate for safe bicycle and pedestrian access to and within the airport both on public roads and on shared paths.


 To work toward changing attitudes about cycling and walking by talking with Airport managers and tenants.


To be a point of contact for Airport Management,  Brisbane City Council,  Transport Main Roads Department and other authorities on matters regarding active transport to or at the Brisbane Airport Precinct.


Airport BUG & PED will also provide advice and feedback  to these authorities on active transport issues and offer advice on suitability of planned facilities, hazards, and improvements required to facilitate safe access.




Airport BUG  & PED aims to provides a useful resource for staff working at the airport precinct who want to ride to work by sharing information on best and safest routes, hazards, and put new riders in contact with experienced riders for assistance.  Airport BUG & PED also aims to provide a local forum for cyclists to discuss cycling related issues and progress cycling matters as a united group.  


 The Airport BUG & PED will request the airport managers prepare a Brisbane Airport Area Bike Plan. If one exists, request the opportunity to review it and provide support for its ongoing implementation.