Dryandra Road now closed to pedestrians 

Sadly pedestrian access to the General Aviation Precinct at Brisbane Airport has now been closed off forever. The new underpass on Dryandra Rd prohibits pedestrians.  People who once could walk from the public transport stops at the Domestic Terminal to their workplaces at the General Aviation precinct can no longer do so.

Queenslanders  who work at the General Aviation Precinct of  Brisbane Airport do not have the option to do the right thing and invest in their health, save on transport costs and live sustainably because their workplace is not able to be reached safely by walking or cycling. 

Urban designers and health advocates acknowledge built environments are important contributors to our health and wealth and that poor urban planning is a major culprit in worsening obesity rates and associated lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. Many describe urban environments which are unfriendly to walking and cycling as “obesogenic”.  

People who work outside the airport are protected by state and local planning instruments which ensure facilities for active transport are included in developments.  Brisbane Airport is on Federal Government owned land and is exempt from these local and state planning regulations.  Brisbane Airport operates under the Brisbane Airport Masterplan approved by the Federal Minister for Transport. 

We believe the decision not to include pedestrian (or bicycle) facilities in the Dryandra Rd underpass is inconsistent with vision statements in the Brisbane Airport 2014 Masterplan to: “maximise connectivity and accessibility" (Ch 12 p.215). The decision is also contrary to initiatives in the Airport Masterplan to:  “Expand the active transport network across the airport”.  and “Improve footpaths, aiming to improve pedestrian connectivity between key precincts”  (Ch 12. pages 262 and 269).  The removal of pedestrian access and bicycle access is also inconsistent with the initiatives in the Brisbane Airport Ground Transport Plan 2012 to “encourage employees to use alternative modes” and “enable a mode shift to public transport, walking or cycling”.

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