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Leaf Metal Wall Decor

leaf metal wall decor
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leaf metal wall decor - Umbra Autumn
Umbra Autumn Metal Wall-Mount Hook, Set of 3
Umbra Autumn Metal Wall-Mount Hook, Set of 3
Who doesn't need a few extra hooks for their sweater/coat/shirt/scarf/tote/towel and more? Each hook in this set of three wall-mount hooks from Umbra features a pretty, leaf shape, making them attractive as well as functional! Great for bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, dorms, and more. Made of metal with painted bronze finish. Each hook measures 1.5 x 2 x 4 inches. Also available in other hook configurations. Designed by Dennis Cheng for Umbra - a worldwide leader in casual, contemporary and affordable design for the home.

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Hot Cup of Joe Metal Wall Art
Hot Cup of Joe Metal Wall Art
Some people like to do it as soon as they wake up. And some do it several times a day. Some will even do it with their boss and co-workers…in the office! There are those who enjoy it nice and slow, while others prefer to just power through it. No matter how you take your coffee, hang this piece of steel wall art and let the world know you’re in the mood. • Hand-forged coffee cup, spoon element • Hammered details • Brushed steel finish • 15” h X 15” w
By The Glass Steel Wine Wall Art
By The Glass Steel Wine Wall Art
The artwork says, “I really love wine.” The fact that you spent money on something other than actual wine says, “See, I told you I don’t have a problem!” This homage to the Nectar of the Gods tells people that you enjoy a good glass of grapes now and then and it looks a lot better than your Pinot-stained smile. • Hand- forged wine glass • Hand-cut leaf element • Brushed steel finish • 20” h X 14” w

leaf metal wall decor