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Creative Wall Decorations

creative wall decorations
  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something
  • Ornamentation
  • A thing that serves as an ornament
  • (decorate) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"
  • (decorate) award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to; "He was decorated for his services in the military"
  • (decorate) deck: be beautiful to look at; "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere"
  • (creatively) in a creative manner; "she solved the problem creatively"
  • A person who is creative, typically in a professional context
  • having the ability or power to create; "a creative imagination"
  • promoting construction or creation; "creative work"
  • A continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land
  • surround with a wall in order to fortify
  • Any high vertical surface or facade, esp. one that is imposing in scale
  • A side of a building or room, typically forming part of the building's structure
  • an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure; "the south wall had a small window"; "the walls were covered with pictures"
  • anything that suggests a wall in structure or function or effect; "a wall of water"; "a wall of smoke"; "a wall of prejudice"; "negotiations ran into a brick wall"
creative wall decorations - Jonathan Fong's
Jonathan Fong's Walls that Wow: Creative Wall Treatments Without Fancy-Schmancy Painting
Jonathan Fong's Walls that Wow: Creative Wall Treatments Without Fancy-Schmancy Painting
• Dramatic, simple, inexpensive ideas

• More than 43 million Americans moved
into a new home last year—that’s 172 million living-room walls alone!

• More than 80 million people rent their homes—and these projects are removable

• Discover the power of “Wow, even I can
do this!”

Jonathan Fong’s Walls that Wow is just the book for
anyone who has ever been inspired by home-makeover shows…and intimidated by fussy, fancy faux-finishing
techniques. Author Jonathan Fong presents imaginative, stylish wall treatments using unexpected materials that will make even the dullest walls suddenly stand up and sparkle. Six sections—on fabric, metal, paper, special effects, ideas that stick, and your wall as art—include more than twenty dazzling projects, each rated by level of ease (because none of them are difficult). Each dramatic, simple,
inexpensive wall idea is presented with brilliant color
pictures, plus materials checklists, step-by-step
instructions, helpful hints, and an ETW (estimated time of wow). Jonathan Fong’s Walls that Wow will make readers everywhere say, “Wow, even I can do this—and I want to!”

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MY wall decoration (IKEA Frame with clips)
MY wall decoration  (IKEA Frame with clips)
All from IKEA (except the photos and toys), 58 photo frames with most of the shots I took in my travel@ ???58?IKEA??, 10???IKEA??, ??????????????@
This is a decoration left over from a previous occupant of the school.

creative wall decorations