Vineyard Wedding Decor

vineyard wedding decor
  • A sphere of action or labor (in allusion to Matt. 20:1)
  • The Vineyard is a group of villa constructed in 1997 by Sun Hung Kai Properties in Hong Kong. The villas are located in Yuen Long off Ngau Tam Mei Road.
  • A plantation of grapevines, typically producing grapes used in winemaking
  • A vineyard is a plantation of grape-bearing vines, grown mainly for winemaking, but also raisins, table grapes and non-alcoholic grape juice. The science, practice and study of vineyard production is known as viticulture.
  • a farm of grapevines where wine grapes are produced
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vineyard wedding decor - Vineyard Collection
Vineyard Collection Crystal Ball Design Wine Stoppers (Set of 12) - Wedding Party Favors
Vineyard Collection Crystal Ball Design Wine Stoppers (Set of 12) - Wedding Party Favors
Invite your guests to have a ball with the the Vineyard Collection crystal ball design wine stoppers. As eye catching favors for all occasions, these sparkling wine stoppers are clearly a great choice! Each 3 ? X 1 ? inches favor features a shining multi-faceted acrylic crystal ball style ornament atop a tapered chrome stem. From the Vineyard Collection, each chrome wine stopper is packaged upright in a deluxe clear box with a black top and bottom allowing a dramatic 360 degree view of the favor, finished with a white organza bow and a designer heart shaped thank you tag attached.

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Where our life together began!
Where our life together began!
These are the steps where he actually popped the question (8 years ago)! I remember him buying a bottle of Viognier and moving from a table outside to a short walk here to these steps. He sat me down and said he wanted to use our new video camera- we still have that same one from 8 years ago... too bad we have never looked at a single video from it. As he set up the tripod and camera I was swatting bees away and pleading to move somewhere else. I almost pleaded myself out of a wedding proposal! Luckily he is just as stubborn as I and he convinced me wait until we could enjoy one glass of wine together. He approached me and tried to get on his knee but the stones were hurting him so he asked for a folded brochure then placed it under his knee. I told him to just sit next to me. He joked saying "Look I'm on my knee...". We chuckled then he got a bit teary-eyed and started to pronounce his love and devotion and list the reasons why he loved me and then the big one "Will you marry me?" ! I said "Are you kidding? this isn't funny." Well it was legit and I said yes!!!! Wow- I just relived it all over again in my head while writing this. The funny thing is, he didn't propose as he had planned. Originally he had a note in his pocket that was attached to a stick meant to look like a white flag and then he was going to say " I surrender". The nerves must have gotten to him, but he told me of his original plan right after- funny man. Now the picture of this quaint ranch motel is where we stayed shortly after finishing out bottle of viognier and celebrating our engagement at the vineyard. Back then we were scraping to stay at the Carpenteria Beach campsite for this weekend getaway. We knew we shouldn't drive back to Carpenteria from Santa Ynez after having some vino plus we were so excited...we wanted to splurge and get a place to stay. So we came across this Red Barn Motel that had white picket fences, roses and a dirt trail. We asked how much, the lady said $60 for one night...out of our price range- too bad we thought. We told her we just got engaged and that we just couldn't afford it, so sorry. As we walked out the door, she yells how about $30? Crazy we worked this lady down to $30 dollar stay! Now a days I try to work our stays down to $200 at any other hotel. So now we were set...we could enjoy some more wine (which cost nearly the same as the motel) and call our family & friends to give them the news. Oh I wish I had pics of the inside- it was hilarious! The decor was retro disco, a complete opposite from the exterior barn style! BTW- back then when we made calls we were charged roaming fees, so when we received our next bill it was a fabulous $350. At least we saved money on the motel!
A Vineyard Wedding
A Vineyard Wedding
Vineyards offer the perfect backdrop for a lush summer wedding. The ripened amethyst grapes and the sage green vine offer a ready-made color palette straight from nature that is sure to be pleasing to the eye. Add yellow sunflowers to bouquets for a pop of color and use wooden wine barrels as decor -- The Knot Tie woven wicker fans to the backs of the ceremony chairs with an elegant sage ribbon -- The Knot Bridesmaids will look elegant at any time of day in this Versace halter dress -- Saks Fifth Avenue Tie sprigs of lavender into nosegay bouquets and use as place card holders -- Martha Stewart This invitation by Checkerboard matches the theme perfectly -- FineStationery Vineyards offer unique scenery for guests and great photo opportunities for the bride and groom -- Martha Stewart Adorn your wedding cake with sugared grapes to go along with the vineyard theme -- Red Velvets Cakes

vineyard wedding decor
vineyard wedding decor
"Vineyard Select" Enamel and Chrome Bottle Stopper - (set of 25)
"Bottle of wine__fruit of the vine!" For wine lovers and theirfriends, every celebration calls for a toast with the vin du jour. Whenyour event__whether it's a vineyard wedding, a wine-tasting or even adinner party__calls for favors, you won't find one more meaningful andcreatively designed than Kate Aspen's vineyard-inspired bottle stopper.Cheers! Features and facts: Creatively designed, wine-themed chrome bottle stopper with a notable weight and quality Atop the bottle stopper is an iconic bunch of deep-purple grapes with a dark-green grape leaf at the stem Bottle stopper measures 4 1/4 " h x 1" w Giftpresentation includes clear display box with wood-print base, nest ofnatural, shredded raffia, and a miniature replica of a vineyard creston a wide band of rich purple-satin ribbon Gift box measures 4 3/4 " h x 2" w x 1 1/4 " de