Decorating Ideas For The Kitchen

decorating ideas for the kitchen
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decorating ideas for the kitchen - Kitchen Decorating
Kitchen Decorating Ideas Under $100 (Better Homes & Gardens)
Kitchen Decorating Ideas Under $100 (Better Homes & Gardens)
Kitchen remodeling projects top the charts of home improvement projects. They can also top the budget. Now you can get big kitchen looks on a small kitchen budget.
The quick-read text focuses on no-cost or low-cost steps to improve the function and look of any kitchen without remodeling.
Easy fixes include ideas for gaining space, updating cabinetry, dressing windows, organizing storage, and decorating walls and eating areas.
More than 30 projects with step-by-step instructions and 110 tips and ideas are included along with a glossary and a guide to must-have tools.

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Chicken Kitchen
Chicken Kitchen
Cool cabinet door handles but I'd always think the chickens were looking at me when I'm frying their cousins up. Caption reads: This kitchen is furnished with an entire ceiling of light fixture [that's how it reads]. The fluorescent installation casts a high level of shadow-free light over the entire room. Aluminum strips frame plastic diffusing panels that are removable so that worn-out tubes can be replaced. This installation is also a good treatment for lowering high ceilings in old kitchens [Nooooooooo, so that's where that stupid idea came from.].
Kitchen update
Kitchen update
Although I like the cabinets themselves, i am not fond of the "Amber Glaze" finish on the kitchen cabinets that came with my house. I've debated for nearly two years on whether I'm going to repaint them or not. That's so much work! I finally took the plunge and reasoned that adding paint to the walls (I LOATHE white walls) that it would actually balance the yellow and make it not as noticeable. I think I've done the job so far. This is a work in progress.

decorating ideas for the kitchen
decorating ideas for the kitchen
Design Ideas for Kitchens (2nd edition) (English and English Edition)
This is the ultimate guide to designing your perfect kitchen - featuring nearly 500 inspirational full-colour photos. With the fast-pace of modern life, and the resurgence of cooking at home, the kitchen has once again become the centre of attention. "Design Ideas for Kitchens" is a lavishly illustrated volume that features hundreds of examples of professionally designed kitchens that are sure to provide inspiration and ideas for all. Also included in this volume are: tips on how to plan, start, and finish your project; advice on how to identify and treat common problems; expert guidance on those all important finishing touches; and, much more!