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  • As High Flight is for fixed-wing pilots, Low Flight is the poem for helicopter pilots. Written in 1972, it is the unofficial poem of Army Aviation and USMC helicopter pilots. "Low Flight" reverses the perspective from the soaring airplane pilot to the 50 foot AGL helicopter pilot.
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Lay the Mountains Low: The Flight of the Nez Perce from Idaho and the Battle of the Big Hole, August 9-10, 1877
Lay the Mountains Low: The Flight of the Nez Perce from Idaho and the Battle of the Big Hole, August 9-10, 1877
America`s bestselling frontier writer combines his unique skills as both an acknowledged historian and a consummate storyteller, blending historical fact with powerful human emotions to vividly recreate the past for his millions of readers. In his most ambitious novel to date, Terry C. Johnston combines all the drama and gut-wrenching tragedy to tell the story of the Nez Perce War as a whole cloth, a complex tapestry of deeply wrought emotions and bitter betrayal. Johnston breathes life into little-known characters from this terrifying conflict that will leap out of the past with compelling urgency-page after page, everyone you will meet were real people at the most crucial point of their lives. This is a story of individuals, knitted together in a compelling mosaic of emotions that will sweep you up and carry you along at a gallop.Despite one bloody skirmish after another, the Non-Treaty bands of Nez Perce still believe they can leave all the turmoil and killing behind in Idaho, fleeing General O.O. Howard`s army across the Lolo Trail into Montana Territory. Looking Glass and the fighting chiefs lead their people to the "Place of the Ground Squirrels"-there to rest a few days while the women cut new lodgepoles, the children play for the first time in many weeks, and everyone celebrates leaving the war behind, rejoicing that they are on their way to the buffalo country.But there in the Big Hole of southwestern Montana, a chill, misty dawn covered the advance of Colonel John Gibbon`s Seventh U.S. Infantry as they stole down upon the sleeping, unsuspecting village....unleashing the bloodiest onslaught of the Nez Perce War!AUTHORBIO: TERRY C. JOHNSTON was born on the first day of 1947 on the plains of Kansas, and has lived all of his life in the American West. His first novel, Carry the Wind, won the medicine Pipe Bearer`s Award from the Western Writers of America, and his subsequent books have appeared on bestseller lists throughout the country. He lives and writes in Big Sky country near Billings, Montana.

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can you spot the error??
can you spot the error??
It would be too polite to call it a typo. And it's still there as of this posting. Just a little experiment; I usually spend my time more productively! Here's the correspondence: Dear Ms. Dyson, Thank you for taking the time to write to us at American Airlines and for letting us know about this verbiage on AA.com. Please note, the Terms and Conditions state the following: Includes travel on codeshare flights marketed by British Airways or Iberia (booked under the BA or IB flight number). On behalf of American Airlines, I want to thank you for your continued patronage. Please know that we are working hard to make AA.com everything you would expect it to be and more. Sincerely, Ms. E. Whiteley AA.com Web Services American Airlines * * * * * * * * * * * * Low fares. More airline. American Airlines * * * * * * * * * * * * Original Message Follows:
Low pass
Low pass
This an Air Tractor crop dusting airplane that was spraying a corn field across the river from our house. I ran down the road in my sandals with my camera and managed to take sixty bad shots and three good ones. The pilot made this final low pass over a pasture next to the corn field before flying away.

low flight web fares
low flight web fares
Visualized Flight Maneuvers Handbook: For Low-Wing Aircraft, Revised Second Edition
Known as the "Red Maneuvers Book", this learning and teaching aid covers all manoeuvres for Private, Commercial, and Flight Instructor Certificates for low-wing aircraft such as Pipers and Mooneys, complying with current practical test standards and regulations. Topics covered include manoeuvring during slow flight, power-off stalls, lazy eights, spins, short-field approaches and landings, and steep turns and spirals. Maneuvers are shown in full-page spreads, so visual information is absorbed all at once.