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flight club wiki - Fight Club:
Fight Club: Original Motion Picture Score
Fight Club: Original Motion Picture Score
Aussie edition of the soundtrack to director David Fincher's controversial 1999 drama co-starring Brad Pitt & Edward Norton. Contains all 15 cuts from the U.S. release, plus a bonus track, the highly regarded L.A.-based alternative/ dance / production duo Dust Brothers' tune 'This Is Your Life' featuring soundbytes from Tyler Durden (Pitt's character in the movie). 16 tracks total. Standard jewel case.

The Dust Brothers are best known as the production duo that everyone from the Beastie Boys to Beck and White Zombie have turned to for help behind the mixing board (and to great results). With the soundtrack to Fight Club (the movie based on the Chuck Palahniuk novel), we finally get a glimpse of one of the duo's original creations. Filled with dark techno and sparse industrial passages, it's a bleak though interesting listen. Sinister funk gives way to medieval chants on "Homework," but the bulk of this disc is all about samples and synths. Don't expect to find the quirks of Paul's Boutique or Odelay here, but in terms of good movie mood music, the Dust Brothers have done it again. --Jason Verlinde

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Flickr Balloon Flight Group
Flickr Balloon Flight Group
Over the past few years, I've slowly got to know more and more of the Hemet / flickr people Like Tricia family and friends. So I bumped this oldie but goodie to the top of the photostream as a reminder of where we've come from. (Something like a 'one year ago' reminder photo.) Original Description: I believe everyone here is on flickr, everyone. Although some are more active than others. We did a balloon flight / flickr meet in honor of the San Diego International Convention with Helen as the primary delegate. (This was a self-timer shot set up with great patience; Tricia is good at those, it was her idea and I ran with it.) For several weeks we talked about doing this balloon flight after the convention. The idea was that we had our flickr friend Helen here from Trinidad, as well as A&M from Mexico. Then add in the group from Hemet and That makes for a fine flickr meet on a hot air balloon ride. So I'm VERY happy that after several weeks of planning that it was all a success and that I was able to contribute this good time for everyone. I originally came up with the idea of doing this morning flight on Wednesday after the convention. Since I've been in the hot air balloon passenger ride business for 20 years I know all the things that can go wrong and the problems that happen. Although it is a fun fantastic adventure to do when everything works out, I was worried about making it all work out perfectly for the friends. I wanted to give up on the idea, but Tricia especially, and Miguel also were supportive and encouraging, and Helen, and so we kept the idea alive and finally made it happen. I think everyone ended up happy and satisfied, I'm not sure if they appreciated all the risks involved; there were a number of close calls, or reasons the day would not have turned out so well. Like the weather was borderline bad weather, with clouds and wind almost stormy like conditions. . . One of the nice things about it was that I could put the passengers all to work, hehehe, I was having everyone help to do the work of setting up, inflating then landing packing up, and recovering the balloon from the landing site. For example. . . The place we landed was on private property and there were some large rocks/ boulders used as a fence to access the property. (There was a caretaker present there, living in a little trailer on the property, but he wasn't much help.) So we had to combine our efforts to shove, force, roll these rocks out of the way and later to put them back in order to gain access to the property with the chase truck / trailer to load the balloon equipment onto. After the flight was over, we had the traditional post flight picnic at the Wilson Creek Winery. The picnic area there is probably the prettiest in all of Temecula.
The seagull's flight of soaring high The gift of what it means to fly

flight club wiki
flight club wiki
The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Anti-Theft Lock - Yellow
Stop professional thieves and joy riders from taking your vehicle with The Club Twin Hooks. Made in yellow for high visibility, The Club Twin Hooks locks on to the steering wheel, making the vehicle impossible to steer. The features of this steering lock is that it works on cars, vans and SUV's making it a universal fit equipment. Keyless locking facility for ease to use. The twin hook design makes it tougher to defeat. Cro-moly steel construction resists sawing, prying, hammering and freon attacks. New and improved solid steel hooks for even greater security. High visibility deters from theft. Yellow vinyl finish protects your steering wheel.