Airline Ticket Refund

airline ticket refund
    airline ticket
  • An airline ticket is a document, created by an airline or a travel agency, to confirm that an individual has purchased a seat on a flight on an aircraft. This document is then used to obtain a boarding pass, at the airport.
  • Fund (a debt, etc.) again
  • money returned to a payer
  • the act of returning money received previously
  • pay back; "Please refund me my money"
airline ticket refund - J.K. Lasser's
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J.K. Lasser's Refund Builder 2009: How to Get More Money Back from Your 2008 Tax Return
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Project 365 #336: 021210 An Asda Exclusive
Project 365 #336: 021210 An Asda Exclusive
As I mentioned yesterday, today has so far all been about an early start. Laura is on the 6am KLM flight out of Liverpool, so we were up at 3 to get her there for 4. She had booked tickets with Finnair for the direct flight from Manchester, but just like last year she's fallen victim to industrial action. I think last year it was a pilot's strike, but this year it's the cabin crew. The big hassle is not knowing whether or not your flight will be cancelled, so you either take a chance and risk not going, or you book with another airline and risk having to pay twice. Last year the strike was resolved, so she paid twice. This year her Finnair flight was actually cancelled, so she should get a refund. The flight from Schiphol to Helsinki is bound to be absolutely rammed though. My first hiccup came this morning when I rolled down my window to enter the airport car park and it wouldn't roll up again. This is actually not that unusual, as I have a dodgy switch, but no amount of pokery seemed to get it going. Trusting that not many thieves operate at 4am in a secure car park, we binned the car and checked Laura on to the flight. I then had a very chilly drive to Hunts Cross Asda, quite close to the airport, where a bit of a teardown on the switch got the window merrily back up again. Our paucity of bread, and the fact that the supermarket is open 24 hours, meant that popping in seemed like a good idea. Here's where the 'Asda exclusive' of the title comes in. Even at half four on a weekday there is always someone doing their shopping. You've got shift workers, insomniacs, late night revellers, parents of ill and sleepless kids, people who just like empty shops and then of course the small minority who are just plain eccentric. But not today. I was the ONLY punter in a gigantic superstore. If I'm honest, I rather liked it. :)
A MONTH or TWO after this photo was taken jetsgo was GONE. As quickly as she had appeared on the airliner "scene"…just as quickly she was done~ …or as Hawk914 would say…fade to black. JETSGO was 'outta there. "LAUNCHED on June 12, 2002 and CEASED operations on March 11, 2005. The airline was Canada's third largest airline at the time with up to 10% of the domestic market. Expert analysts widely blame the airline itself for poor management. Founder Michel Leblanc had previously founded Royal Aviation, which he later sold to Canada 3000. On March 11, 2005, Jetsgo abruptly announced that it had ceased operations. The action stranded hundreds of passengers in airports and at their travel destinations with no way home, the defunct airline having made no arrangements with other carriers to handle their passengers. This occurred on the Friday morning before the March Break holiday season, one of the busiest air travel days in 8 of 10 provinces. 1200 employees also lost their jobs. Jetsgo accumulated $55 million in debt in the last eight months before it closed. Employees were finally paid for the time prior to the airline's shutdown on March 14, 2005. (SOME were never paid!) Passengers who had purchased Jetsgo tickets were forced to apply for refunds through their credit card companies or travel agencies." (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

airline ticket refund
airline ticket refund
The Fennec, a professional killer, is contracted by a group of seven businessmen to kill Steven Donovan; a man they feel holds the key to their future fortune. A fortune to be amassed from a platinum mineral swindle. Each of the men puts up an equal amount of money to cover the cost of the contract, but to appease their consciences; six of the men want to know nothing about the transaction details. The man who set up the deal is found dead and on his body is an envelope of money marked with a single scrawled word, REFUND. Soon a second member of the group is discovered dead with another REFUND envelope. The police don't reveal how much money is in the envelopes, but it is the amount that man paid for his share of The Fennec's fee? After another of the businessmen is killed, they finally realize what is happening, but have no way to contact The Fennec and dare not go to the police to confess what they have done. The police are under constant pressure and want answers as the men from the group continue to die and are found with their envelope of refunded money. Why is the killer returning his fee and what is his possible connection with Steven Donovan?