Buy Your Own Butler Robot!


My butler robots are a valuable tool to have. They serve you drinks by voice commands, provide secretary services, security services, and much more! Please note that the version that will be shipped to you will look different than the one pictured below, since it will be made of lightweight plastic instead of heavy wood. 

 Watch the video to see what my butler robot can do:

In case you would rather build one yourself follow my tutorial:
My Step By Step Butler Robot Tutorial

The first version of my butler robot had a lot of room for improvement and once I heard about a certain robotics contest I decided to make a better version and this time I wanted to fully document my butler robot.
My second version of my butler robot uses a better voice recognition engine , has a nicer body , pours drinks, and can grip things with his hands. In addition to those features it can do image processing with its head camera, allows easy interface to attach sensors, allows wireless control from a laptop or cellphone or iPod Touch, and it can speak the time ,weather, and more! 

What makes this robot special:
It is one of the handful butler robots out there
It is the cheapest and most documented butler robot
It can pour drinks by voice command
It is made from easy to find and inexpensive parts
It is very easy to build when you follow my step-by-step guide
It allows room for expansion
It has a realistic speaking voice
All the software is open-source!

Improvements to be made( these are extra costs to the butler robot package) :

Add Sabertooth motor controllers for speed control
Add more degrees of freedom to arms
Develop algorithms using image processing
Add sonar sensors and radio locators
Make the butler robot self charge 

Custom improvements are also done.



Full Package :   $5000 USD ( this includes the cost for a built in computer)

Basic Package:(only voice command driving)    $4000 USD (built in computer included)

Custom : This allows you to add whatever extra features you want and remove whatever features you want   - price varies

To order email me :  

ButlerRobotics at


Full Package Feature List:
Drive in all four directions by voice command ( speak distance to travel in "units")
Manual control by a built-in Joystick
Pours a drink by voice command
Speaks the current time by voice command
Speaks the current temperature by voice command
Speaks the current weather conditions by voice command
Plays sound effects and does preprogrammed parodies of classic movies
Built-in Webcam for image processing using Roborealm
Built-in Mini fridge keeps drinks cool
Gripper in a revolving arm allows the robot to pickup objects
Wireless control over the internet using a laptop/computer/cell phone/iPod Touch
Easy to use functions in software make adding commands simple and straightforward
10 extra output ports and 14 extra input ports available on interface board
Powerful motors allow the user to jump on the butler robot and drive around on it
Security software alerts the user whenever motion is detected in the camera and the robot speaks a warning