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Southwest Flights Today

southwest flights today
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Southwest Airlines 737-7H4| N707SA | MSN 27841 | LN 1 (former 737NG prototype)
Southwest Airlines 737-7H4| N707SA | MSN 27841 | LN 1 (former 737NG prototype)
On 17 November 1993, the 737-700 launched with an order from Southwest Airlines for 63 airplanes. Boeing rolled out the airplane in Renton on 8 December 1996 and after completing its flight test program as N737X, Boeing delivered the aircraft to launch customer Southwest Airlines on 17 December 1997. Southwest entered the airplane into revenue service one month later. N707SA is depicted as she looked on the day of her delivery to the airline (and therefore is in the older "Mustard Rocket" color scheme and lacks the blended winglets later retrofitted to the -700 fleet). Southwest was also the launch customer for the 737-300 and the 737-500. As the launch customer for the 737-700, the airline had much influence on the design of the 737NG family. I suppose my affinity for Southwest Airlines may have something to do with that we share the same age and only a few months separate our dates of birth. It may also be that it, along with American Airlines, is the DFW area's hometown airline. The history of Southwest is one of the more colorful ones out there in US aviation history, not the least of which is due to the some of the more colorful personalities that shaped the airline into what it is today and no one better exemplifies that than the founder and chairman emeritus, Herb Kelleher. Over twenty years I've been a regular passenger on Southwest and though I don't rack up the miles like some of you do, myself and my family have flown Southwest more times in that time frame than all other airlines combined. So this is one print that I've always wanted gracing my walls- like the Braniff of my youth, many fond memories are associated with trips on Southwest. My first NG flights on the Southwest were when I was in my residency training and my wife and I would get away for a long weekend for some rest and recuperation from our long work hours. Because of our odd work schedules we often flew on off-peak times (not to mention those flights were easier on our limited budget back then) and takeoff on a 737-700 that was lightly loaded was quite noticeably different than Southwest's 737 Classics.
Southwest Airlines 737-700 "Florida One"
Southwest Airlines 737-700 "Florida One"
Just before touchdown on runway 17L at Orlando International Airport. This aircraft was doing a tour of all the cities in FL that Southwest serves today, and I think it received a water cannon salute at each airport;) Thanks to Dazed767 for the heads up!! N945WN, built 2010...a little over a month old when this pic was taken! (first flight 03/18/10)

southwest flights today
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