How to Book an Earlier Flight Ticket at No Charges?

You can reserve an earlier flight and this rescheduling can help you get to your destination much quicker and have time to spend with your near and dear ones. You can also have time to go to your office and would not have to miss a day. That is the advantage of adjusting your flight timing and changing it to an earlier one. If you need help with getting flights that depart earlier, then in this article we have the perfect tips to help you do so.


How Can I Get on an Earlier Flight Without Having to Pay Fees?


If you want to change your flight ticket to an earlier hour, you would have to pay change fee on most airlines. However, you can have an elite membership with an airline company and buy a full priced ticket for avoiding this fee till a specific time period. However, you might not be able to find the seat that you might need. By not bringing a checked bag, you can even avoid additional fee and reach the security gates quickly for getting first in line on the standby lists of airlines.


An earlier flight can be obtained without any charges if you missed your connecting flight. If you are at an airport and notice that the first leg of your flight has been delayed by long hours, you have all the probability of missing the connecting flight to the next leg of your trip. Therefore, you can check for flights that depart earlier on your mobile. You can even call the reservations helpdesk for finding out other options that can get you to your destination earlier. The airlines would let you book this earlier flight for free because they would not want to have a seat empty on the connecting flight of the second leg of your flight.


You might also be allowed to book earlier flights if some other passenger missed their connecting flight. This would mean that the airlines has a spare seat that you can book for replacing that passenger who did not show up. You quickly need to check with the airlines for available seats. This can be done by visiting their website or by calling their customer support staff. You would be informed if there is a seat availability. If there is an empty seat, the airlines would reschedule your already booked flight ticket. They wouldn’t possible charge for this.


How to Request for Rescheduling Your Flight to an Earlier Time?


One tip to follow if you are going to ask the support staff for rescheduling your flight to an earlier one is to be courteous. If you are polite while talking to the agent, they might even offer seat upgrades to you for free while changing your itinerary to an earlier time. Being nice can lead to the client service member bending their rules and helping you book tickets to your destination an an earlier hour. For miss-connects, this request might be handled without any fees.


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