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Kona Bed And Breakfasts

kona bed and breakfasts
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Stuffed Ono with cream cheese @ The Kona Inn
Stuffed Ono with cream cheese @ The Kona Inn
This is one of their most famous dishes. It is very rich, but amazingly delicious. I prefer Ono over mahimahi, and this even tastes better than the Ahi steak. Once again, rice not good. The rest of the plate makes up for it though. Of any dish at Kona Inn, this would be the one to order.
My Kona Imprint
My Kona Imprint
One of my wipeouts had me lying tangled in my bike in the tall grass. After getting untangled, we stopped for food and I noticed the Kona Logo imprinted into my leg from being twisted in the handlebars.

kona bed and breakfasts
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