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Lonely Planet Morocco (Country Travel Guide)
Lonely Planet Morocco (Country Travel Guide)
“Morocco exudes Maghrebi mystique, with medina lands leading to souqs and riads, camels disappearing into the Sahara and Berber villages perched in the High Atlas. Grab a mint tea and enjoy the show.” – James Bainbridge, Lonely Planet Writer

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Ok ok.... some people asked my why I ended up visiting this part of the world. It's a long story. But in short, at one time I was in a confused state of mind (seriously) because of a reason. "Ik dans met illusies, in gedachte." I tried to pretend like everything was normal but instead it just got worse each day. I thought to myself: 'It would get pretty messed up if I don't do anything about it. I need to get out. I have to get rid of it before it consumes me!!' Aiming at escaping from the curse of confused state of mind, I surfed for cheap ticket to see different part of the world and found a very good deal to fly to Spain for the following day. I bought the ticket!! Whether it was a good idea buying this ticket, I started to doubt myself. The problem was that I have visited Spain already. I wanted something different than Spain. Something new!! While I was still not sure yet where exactly to go, the next day on the day of flying I just grabbed my backpack and several travel guidebooks and went to the airport. This time I needed to decide pretty soon where to go after arrival in Spain. All of a sudden a country in north Africa popped up among all possibilities I had in mind! Yes, I made up my mind (though not sure how long it's gonna take to go there from Spain, not to mention which place to visit). Eventually I headed for...
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fly to morocco cheap
fly to morocco cheap
Using detailed maps, cutaways, floor plans and color Street Finder, navigate your way around the sprawling Medinas and magnificent ancient urban architecture while expert recommendations provide you with the best hotels, restaurants and nightlife. Soak up the endless flavors of the country with sights, beaches, markets and festivals listed region by region, town by town. And with special features explaining everything from the historic cultural mix of Berber, African and Arabic peoples, to details of the many ancient Kasbahs, mosques and colorful Souks, this comprehensive guide won't let you down.