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Car Seat Recall List

car seat recall list
    car seat
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  • a seat in a car
  • A car seat is the chair used in automobiles. Most car seats are made from cheap, but durable materials, made to withstand as much beating as possible. The material for these seats is usually used for the back of the seat, as well as the part where one's posterior goes.
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Big Thunder Mountain Tuesday
Big Thunder Mountain Tuesday
Here's another classic attraction that I realized I only have a handful of shots of. It was surprising to see as the BTTM scenery offers tons of photo ops. It's yet another attraction that I'll be adding to my ever increasing shot list for my next WDW trip. If I had to choose between mountains at Magic Kingdom, the sci-fi geek in me will always win out with Space Mountain - however I do have one great memory to belongs exclusively to BTTM. During one of our many family vacations to WDW, probably not too long after I met the height requirement to ride BTTM, my older brother imparted some roller coaster wisdom on me that I have never forgotten. As everyone would clamor for the front seat of the coaster, my brother clued me in to the fact that the rear car was where the real thrills were at. I believe his exact words where, "you get the most of the drops". While I may not have fully understood him at the time, he was my big brother and I looked up to him - so last car it was. To this day I cannot ride a roller coaster without recalling this conversation, and 99.9% of the time I still follow the advice (need to mix it up every once in a while). It's been a long time since my big bro and I rode Big Thunder together, but I'm hoping a big family Disney trip works out for 2012/2013 after the Fantasyland expansion opens. Processing: This shut was dug out of 2006, and while I was shooting with my second DSLR I was still shooting JPEG. In Lightroom I started with a slightly tighter crop, then I created two virtual copies - one at -2 exposure, and one at +2 (I'm sure you know where this is going). then, it was off to HDR Efex Pro to combine the exposures. The resulting HDR was a bit 'strong' for my liking, so I took the HDR file and the +2 exposure into Photoshop and used layer masks to bring the HDR look down. Looking at the shot now, the clouds in the upper left kinda bug me, so I wish I spent more time softening the darks spots up. Have to pay more attention to things like that next time. Thanks for riding the wildest ride in the wilderness - have a great Tuesday. 1/640 sec at f/6., ISO 100 16mm (Canon? 16-35mm) (borrowed this lens from a friend) ps - Tomorrow I'll be attending a Press Event for the Disney Cruise Line event in NYC. I'll be bringing the camera along, though I'm not entirely sure what will be on hand to shoot. Looking forward to it though - and I'll be sure to post any shots of interest.
Checking Model # & Manufacture Date
Checking Model # & Manufacture Date
CPSTs check the model # and date of manufacture against a list of recalled car seats published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

car seat recall list
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