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  • G4 is the self-titled debut album from the vocal group G4, released in 2005. It debuted at the number one spot in the UK Albums Chart on the Mother's Day weekend selling over 245,000 copies in the first week. It became the fastest selling album of 2005.
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cracked macbook
cracked macbook
Finally fixed, but here are some pics of my poor cracked macbook. I had one of the first ones and it just cracked all over on the bottom. The place in town that fixes them sucks, next time I'll drive down to Toronto if I need repairs. I didn't really want to post these in case it turns people off of macs, and I really do love my computer. But just thought I'd post them for other people that may have the same problem. both of the bottom parts of mine cracked, which is apparently unusual. It started a long time ago but I didn't want to go without my computer to get it fixed. And the place in town kept screwing up with ordering and stuff.
My MacBook Was Cracked By Itself ( wrist area )
My MacBook Was Cracked By Itself ( wrist area )
My macbook started to crack 9 months after I bought it. Apple Support claims that the crack at the wrist area is the defect of manufacturing and could be replaced under warranty, but the plastic panel around the matrix cannot be replaced for free because they suspect I got those damages "by accident". Crack on the back side of the screen (near the thermal exhaust) was found this morning. I am still trying to convince Apple Support that those damages appeared by themselves, without any "accidents" or improper handling.

real flight g4 5 crack