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Isabella's Summer Dress
Isabella's Summer Dress
I thought I would post a few pics of the kiddos today I took in my studio at home. You can’t go wrong with cute kid portraits, right? I’m over in Malaysia for about two weeks working with our game studio here and I get really bored on the weekends. Air Asia is sort of like Southwest Airlines and I can fly about anywhere for $200. I’ve always wanted to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia, see the Killing Fields, and hopscotch around land mines, so I thought it would be a good opportunity. Besides, hotels and food and everything is so much cheaper there, why not? People are always surprised that I travel so much, but it’s really not that big a deal or that hard… All you gotta do is get a couple cheapo tickets, do about an hour of focused planning, and then go off and have an adventure. I always think of that final Curb Your Enthusiasm show - the one with Larry David on HBO (the guy that created Seinfeld). Anyway, he is in the middle of this big death scene and he is on the bed in the hospital. He’s surrounded by his family, his wife, his best friend and agent, and a few other people. He gets very serious and he knows he is slipping away, so he decides to say something meaningful. In his final life-moment, Larry says something like, “I guess I should have traveled more.” He struggles for breath and his voice is dry. “I would have liked to see more of Europe.” He looks off and, finally, his raspy voice says, “but I hate to pack.” And that is it.
Deal - The Parade
Deal - The Parade
Deal Parade on a busy day. This image is on a postcard which was posted to an address in Park Parade Wimbledon Surrey on the 23rd. August. Unfortunately the year of posting is not legible, but the King Edward VII stamp on the back indicates that it was posted between 1904 and 1910. It is a quintessentially Edwardian scene, with men in straw hats and the women in long dresses, and with a band playing in the bandstand. If you look at this photograph in original, you'll see that the the houses in the distance have lost their detail. Nothing daunted, someone has drawn in the windows and other features. For a view of Deal from near the end of the pier (visible in this photograph) please search for the tag 33DFP95

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