The Amish Heater

the amish heater
  • A conductor used for indirect heating of the cathode of a thermionic tube
  • A person or thing that heats, in particular a device for warming the air or water
  • fastball: (baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity; "he swung late on the fastball"; "he showed batters nothing but smoke"
  • A heater is object that emits heat or causes another body to achieve a higher temperature. In a household or domestic setting, heaters are usually appliances whose purpose is to generate heating (i.e. warmth). Heaters exists for all states of matter, including solids, liquids and gases.
  • A fastball
  • device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
  • Relating to this sect; A strict Anabaptist sect living mainly in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana
  • an American follower of the Mennonite religion
  • The various Amish (, ) or Amish Mennonite church fellowships are Christian religious denominations that form a very traditional subgrouping of Mennonite churches. The Amish are known for simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt modern convenience.
  • The members of a strict Mennonite sect that established major settlements in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and elsewhere in North America from 1720 onward

Phony fire from decorative heater. It isn't hot at all...the "fire" illusion is created by two 40-watt light bulbs underneath. This is what you may have seen advertised as "The Amish Heater". The fact is, it's misleading advertising. The heaters come in an attractive wooden mantle on wheels. Only the mantle is made by the Amish. The heater itself is manufactured elsewhere. After all, the Amish do not use electricity...but they are known for their fine craftsmanship and high ethical standards. Somebody else is making a fortune on the good reputation of the Amish people, and I call that exploitation. Having had my rant, I do like the heater, but it is nothing more than a fancy forced air space heater that takes up much more "space" than necessary.
Horse and Buggy
Horse and Buggy
I saw this in the community of Harshaville, Adams County, Ohio You'll notice numerous modern safety features. I noted an electric heater as I asked the owner for permission to photograph. The friendly young Amishman gave permission to photograph the horse and buggy but requested no pictures of himself and his son. You can see the privacy curtain.

the amish heater
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