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Electric Shop Heater

electric shop heater
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Novelty - Faizabad
Novelty - Faizabad
"Dan terassi" comes two days before Diwali as a part of the big festival of light,. Hindu considere this day as very auspicious to buy house goods. Shops display items in the street to provoque an urge to buy. Faizabad is about 12km from Ayodhya, a "sister town" in some way, but much more busy.. Many monuments of Nawab, like Bahu Begum's tomb, Gulab-bari and many more make it an interresting place to visit. The coming and going from Ayodhya is constant, many come here to make their shopping, or to work.
A Warm Shop
A Warm Shop
Warm enough for working and gluing. The girls think it's too cold at a temperature I like. The shop has an electric heater but the only thermostat was on the heater, near the floor behind several large tools. Very inconvenient. I installed a programmable thermostat near the door for easy access. Also It means I'll never forget to turn it down when I leave.

electric shop heater
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