Car heater thermostat. Passive pool heater.

Car Heater Thermostat

car heater thermostat
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A moment I hate..
A moment I hate..
I hate changing thermostats. The bolts sit in a damp environment so can corrode to a point where they just shear as soon as you go near with a socket. The housing is alloy and it's a fine line between tight enough not to leak and, CCRRACKKK.. Completed sucessfully - sort of. Since I had the car it's had a heating problem. The engine warms up eventually if idling and the heater is fine, but move off and the gauge drops nearly off the scale and no heater. I suspected the thermostat and doubted whether it had one at all, turns out it did but I fitted a new one. Started up, temp rose quickly and seemed to settle on just under 100, hmm, no pressurizing going on, no boiling up, no contamination of fluids, heater fine, checked level, topped up, restarted. settled on 80, good, that's fine. BUT, after about 30 mins I restarted and drove off, temp dropped to nothing again.. Faulty new thermostat ? any suggestions welcome..
Jerry Dixon's Automotive!
Jerry Dixon's Automotive!
Jerry Dixon runs a great shop. He wasn't about to let me get in this car and head to LA before he thought it was ready to go, even though there were quite a few complications. I did the plugs, points, cap, rotor, radiator hoses, heater hoses, thermostat, headlight switch, temp sender and various electrical repairs. Dixon's did front wheelbearings, brake flex lines, a COMPLETE front suspension and steering rebuild, fine tuning of dwell and timing, mounted the white radials, did an alignment, straightened the frame so the alignment could be correct and re-did the alignment, repaired the Powerglide linkage, and checked and adjusted the brakes.

car heater thermostat
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