Repair A Laptop Battery

repair a laptop battery
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repair a laptop battery - Super-Capacity Li-ion
Super-Capacity Li-ion Battery For Acer Aspire One Series replace UM08A31 UM08A51 UM08A71 UM08A72 UM08A73 UM08A74 UM08B31 UM08B71 UM08B72 UM08B73 UM08B74 Laptop Notebook Main Battery [ 7200mAh 9 cells Black ]
Super-Capacity Li-ion Battery For Acer Aspire One Series replace UM08A31 UM08A51 UM08A71 UM08A72 UM08A73 UM08A74 UM08B31 UM08B71 UM08B72 UM08B73 UM08B74 Laptop Notebook Main Battery [ 7200mAh 9 cells Black ]
[Name] Battery For Acer Aspire One Black [Fit model]Acer Aspire One [Voltage(V)] 11.1 [Capacity(mAh)] 7200 [Cell] 9 [N.W(lb)] 1 [Color] Black [Type] Li-ion Replacement For: UM08A31, UM08A51, UM08A71, UM08A72, UM08A73, UM08A74, UM08B31, UM08B71, UM08B72, UM08B73, UM08B74, LC.BTP00.017, LC.BTP00.018, 934T2780F Compatible with: Acer Aspire One A110L Acer Aspire One A110X Acer Aspire One A150L Acer Aspire One A150X Acer Aspire One AoA110-1295 Acer Aspire One AoA110-1722 Acer Aspire One AoA150-10 ACER Aspire One 8.9" (all) mini laptop series ACER Aspire One A110-AB ACER Aspire One A110-1295 ACER Aspire One A150-Aw ACER Aspire One A150-Bb ACER Aspire One A150-Bb1 ACER Aspire One A150-1006 ACER Aspire One A150-1029 ACER Aspire One A150-1049 ACER Aspire One A150-1126 ACER Aspire One A150-1249 ACER Aspire One A150-1447 ACER Aspire One A150-1890 ACER Aspire One AOA110-1283 ACER Aspire One AOA110-1295 ACER Aspire One AOA110-1722 ACER Aspire One AOA110-1982 ACER Aspire One AOA150-Ab ACER Aspire One AOA150-1001 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1126 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1140 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1405 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1435 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1570 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1649 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1672 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1777 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1813 ACER Aspire One AOA150-1840 ACER Aspire One ZG5 -

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Sheer Terror
Sheer Terror
the laptop took a spill the other day -- i'm too embarrassed to explain. fortunately, no real harm was done, aside from a couple good dings in the bottom case.

"whew," you say, "at least that's all you have to replace." well, yes, except that in order to replace the bottom case on an aluminum powerbook, you have to disassemble the entire computer -- every single piece must be removed.

this shot is at the 50% ripped-apart phase; as i took this, i was growing more and more concerned that i would not be able to remember where all the cables went. i've delegated so much of my mental capacity to this machine over the last few years that i now feel like a child when i'm performing technical surgery. as i laid the parts out on the workbench, i kept thinking about the day i decided to take apart the rotary telephone in the den and found myself unable to put it back together, puzzled by the intersection of all the pieces.

i was literally sweating when i finally put this powerbook back together, terrified that any of twelve significant parts of the machine wouldn't work because i had forgotten to reattach some cable or screw it down. five minutes later, as it regained consciousness, i felt a whole lot better.

for what it's worth, there were two small screws left on the workbench when i was done. don't worry, though; she's doing just great.
Hinge repair
Hinge repair
A desperate, but successful fix to the old Sony Vaio laptop. I have simply soldered the broken hinge in place. With a large enough bead of solder (filling all available space), it will hold just fine -- perhaps better than a new hinge. The poor thing is 8 years old now, but its kind is still loved by many, as I can tell from perpetual replacement hinge and battery offers on eBay. Source: 090117_151545.RAF

repair a laptop battery
repair a laptop battery
Super-Capacity Li-ion Battery For Apple A1175 MacBook Pro 15-inch series Laptop Notebook Main Battery
The Rechargeable Battery for 15" MacBook Pro is a rechargeable, 60-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery for the 15" MacBook Pro notebook computer. The battery is identical to the one that ships with the laptop, allowing it to serve as a spare or a replacement. It features integrated charge indicator LEDs to give you an idea of its current capacity. This is an excellent solution for anyone who needs to replace their MacBook Pro battery or would simply like a spare for extended usage away from a power source