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Flights From Adelaide To Sydney

flights from adelaide to sydney
  • Adelaide is a song for solo voice and piano by Ludwig van Beethoven. It was written in 1795-1796, when the composer was about 25 years old, and published as his Opus 46.
  • A city in southern Australia, the capital and chief port of the state of South Australia; pop. 1,050,000
  • the state capital of South Australia
  • Adelaide (1879)
  • (flight) fly in a flock; "flighting wild geese"
  • Shoot (wildfowl) in flight
  • (in soccer, cricket, etc.) Deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace
  • (flight) shoot a bird in flight
  • (flight) an instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"
  • Hard Eight is a 1996 film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, starring Philip Baker Hall, John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow and Samuel L. Jackson. There also are brief appearances by Robert Ridgely, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Melora Walters.
  • Sidney or Sydney was originally an English surname. Theories of its origin are: *As with many English surnames, from the name of a place where an ancestor came from: Anglo-Saxon [?t ??re] sidan iege = "[at the] wide island/watermeadow (in the dative case).Reaney, P.H. & Wilson, R.M.
  • The capital of New South Wales in southeastern Australia, the country's largest city and chief port; pop. 3,098,000. It has a fine natural harbor, crossed by the Sydney Harbour Bridge (1932), and a striking opera house (1973)
  • the largest Australian city located in southeastern Australia on the Tasman Sea; state capital of New South Wales; Australia's chief port
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history of DC-3 c/n 9286, by Gil White ZK-AMS C/n 9286 Manufactured by Douglas Aircraft Corporation at Santa Monica in California and rolled off the production line on 25/3/1943. Aircraft was designated as a C-47A-20-DL. During the war years allocated the U.S. serial number 42-23424. Acquired by the Royal Australian Air Force in May 1943 under the terms of the Lend-Lease agreement and given the Australian serial number A65-9 and operated under the radio callsign of VHCTI seeing service with No 34 Squadron. Later saw service with No 36 Squadron before returning to No 34 Squadron. From 27/8/1945 until 16/9/1945 aircraft attached to the British Service Mission in Japan. On 6/12/1946 purchased by Qantas Empire Airways for ?6,250 and originally allocated the registration of VH-BAL which was not taken up but registered VH-EAM instead on 12/12/1946. On 19/9/1948 crashed on takeoff from Archerfield Airport. Cause of accident attributed to the aileron wires being crossed. Repaired to reenter service. Sold to East-West Airlines Ltd and registered to the company on 21/7/1953. Ferried to their base at Tamworth on 22/7/1953 by Captains R Walesby and T McKenzie. Prior to sale to East-West Airlines aircraft had undergone routine maintenance and repainted in East-West colour scheme. Approval had been granted by Qantas to retain the Australian flag on the tailplane along with the red cheatline and white top with East-West titling above the cabin windows. On 1/9/1953 aircraft reregistered VH-EWA in line with other aircraft in their fleet. Whilst in service with East-West Airlines aircraft was named 'Peel City'. On 15/1/1954 this aircraft had the distinction of flying the shortest flight involving two Aerodromes when it flew from the old Tamworth Aerodrome to the new Aerodrome. Crew involved in this significant flight were Captain R Walesby, First Officer E McKillop and Hostess V Scott. Total time of flight from take-off to touchdown was two minutes. Aircraft reregistered VH-EWF on 1/5/1959. Whilst in service as VH-EWF it maintained the name of 'Peel City' and was later renamed 'Oxley City'. On 2/6/1965 leased to Airlines of South Australia until at least December 1965. On 27/11/1967 the registration was changed to VH-PWN prior to the ban being imposed by the Department of Civil Aviation on further registration changes to the same aircraft. During September 1972 sold to Bush Pilots Airways (PNG) P/L and registered to the company on 19/6/1973. Ownership of aircraft transferred to Bush Pilots Airways P/L and registered to the company on 27/1/1977. This aircraft was immortalised in a popular folk song Papa Whisky November by John Williamson, which described its days with the airline operating between Cairns and Weipa. Ownership of aircraft transferred to Air Queensland Ltd when Bush Pilots Airways changed the name of the company and was registered to the company on 8/1/1982. Air Queensland ceased operations in April 1988 and this aircraft initially placed in storage at Cairns Airport before being ferried down to Brisbane and placed in storage outside the Trans Australia Airlines Maintenance Base. Purchased by Air Rambler (Australia) P/L and registered to the company on 7/4/1988 for operation by DC-3 Queensland which was a subsidiary of Rambler Coaches in Victoria. The company obtained their charter licence on 3/6/1988. Whilst in service with the company operated tours out of Cairns to a variety of destinations ranging from short scenic flights to week long tours. Destinations include such locations as Cooktown, Lizard Island, Thursday Island, Weipa and Edward River. When withdrawn from service with DC-3 Queensland aircraft had flown 57019 hours. Sold to R P Lang of Highbury trading as Desert Air Safaris and registered to the owner on 6/8/1992. Sold to Pionair Adventures Ltd and departed Adelaide on 1/5/1993 and arrived at Queenstown New Zealand on the same day. The ferry flight to New Zealand was flown under the Australian registration. After arrival in New Zealand aircraft underwent restoration at Auckland's Ardmore Airport and at the Fieldair facility at Palmerston North. Struck off the Australian civil register on 16/6/1993 and reregistered ZK-AMS in New Zealand on 15/7/1993. Whilst in service with Pionair aircraft was renamed 'Spirit of Queenstown' and these words were in red writing on the nose of the aircraft but is more commonly known as 'Dulcie'. The aircraft still flies charter flights and is also used in the making of television commercials. On the 50th Anniversary of the Warbirds Association in November 1994 this aircraft flew in formation with other DC-3's in New Zealand. Around this time aircraft was also being used for an 'Orient Express of the Skies' taking twenty passengers on a ten-day tour around New Zealand. Recently this veteran aircraft was entered in the March 2001 London to Sydney Air Race. The race will start at Biggin Hill in the United Kingdom on 11/3/2001 and ends with a flyp
Replica of James Cook's bark 'Endeavour'
Replica of James Cook's bark 'Endeavour'
Out to prove or disprove the existence of a "Great South Land," English explorer James Cook set sail from England in 1768 on HM Bark Endeavour. He reached New Zealand in 1770, circumnavigated and completely charted the North and South Islands, then proceeded north. He followed the eastern coast of Australia and landed at Botany Bay on April 28, 1770, in the area that is now Botany Bay National Park. Cook's Endeavour voyage in 1768-1771 contributed greatly to the world's knowledge of seamanship, navigation and geography. He was the first captain to calculate his longitudinal position with accuracy using a complex mathematical formula. The HM Bark Endeavour was recreated to exacting standards, with building begun in 1988 in Fremantle, Western Australia. Because of financial difficulties, a charitable trust, HM Bark Endeavour Foundation, was set up in 1991 to continue the work on the new Endeavour. The completed replica was launched on December 9, 1993 and commissioned on April 16, 1994. She set sail for Sydney in October of that year, visiting Albany, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne and other ports along the way. On arrival in Sydney the Endeavour was displayed at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour. Since then, the Endeavour has sailed in both Australia and New Zealand and embarked on a world voyage, through South Africa, on to England, the east and west coasts of North America before returning to New Zealand and Australia. She was in port in Sydney during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The Endeavour then set out on other international voyages and in April 2005 returned to Sydney from Cook's hometown, Whitby, in England. The non-profit HM Bark Endeavour Foundation has transferred ownership of the ship to the Australian Government. When in Sydney, the Endeavour is docked at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour and is open to the public between 10am and 5pm daily. Charges apply. I was extremely fortunate to get an excellent fare with Qantas for a return flight London/Sydney in August 2009 so I popped over to see my daughter and her fiance. I have put photos of the Sydney area earlier on Flickr - I have to show different places/aspects etc. (although some may be similar). August is coming to the end of winter in Sydney - but except for my first full day when there was some rain in the morning, it was sunny and warm, 29 degrees one day! It is colder and wetter back in Strabane in summer than it was in Sydney in winter!

flights from adelaide to sydney