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Air Force Falcons Football Tickets

air force falcons football tickets
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air force falcons football tickets - U.S. Air
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SAM 28000 ("Air Force One") em Brasília
SAM 28000 ("Air Force One") em Brasília
VC-25A n° 28000, antes do desembarque da comitiva presidencial na Base Aerea de Brasilia. Ao fundo, Aguas Claras, que ainda e o bairro que mais cresce em Brasilia. ------------------------------ Notas adicionais: A denomacao "Air Force One" nao se refere ao aparelho em si (no caso um B 747 ou Boeing VC-25A na versao militar) e sim ao indicativo de chamada que se aplica apenas quando o presidente americano esta a bordo. Em teoria, qualquer aviao americano, ao transportar o presidente em exercicio e o "Air Force One". O mesmo se aplica ao helicoptero presidencial "Marine One". No caso do VC-25A para uso presidencial, existem dois exemplares apenas e possuem as seguintes matriculas: 28000 e 29000. SAM: Special Air Mission. ------------------------------- Foto tirada proximo ao Jardim Botanico de Brasilia - distancia aproximada da base aerea: 4km. Distancia estimada ate a Quadra 201 ou ate a Adm. de Aguas Claras: 16,5 km. Ate a rua 31 Sul: 19,5 km. ------------------------------- Mais sobre o Boeing VC-25A Role: Presidential transport Manufacturer: Boeing Introduced: August 23, 1990 (No. 28000) December 23, 1990 (No. 29000) Status: Active service Primary user: United States Air Force Produced: 1986 Number built: 2 Unit cost: US$ 325 million Developed from: Boeing 747 Registration tail codes "28000" and "29000" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bigger is much BETTER.
10-20-07 Air Force Falcons vs Wyoming
10-20-07 Air Force Falcons vs Wyoming
Great Game Air Force won 20 to 12. If your wondering why the tickets say $0.0 for the price. A cadet I know who plays on the team got me the tickets. They were wonderful seats right behind the football players. Dan went with me and we had a wonderful time. Go Falcons beat the Cowboys!

air force falcons football tickets