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  • Tracking commercial aviation flights is an activity by enthusiasts or concerned citizens. Tracking is not limited to aircraft activity, it can include tracking of airport activity. Flight tracking via software is a relatively new activity.
  • Dashboard is an application for Apple's Mac OS X operating systems, used for hosting mini-applications known as widgets. First introduced in Tiger, it is a semi-transparent layer that is invisible to the user unless activated by clicking its icon in the Dock.
  • Goods carried on a ship, aircraft, or motor vehicle
  • goods carried by a large vehicle
  • Cargo (or freight) is goods or produce transported, generally for commercial gain, by ship, aircraft, train, van or truck. In modern times, containers are used in most intermodal long-haul cargo transport.
  • Cargo is a 2006 thriller film. It was directed by Clive Gordon, produced by Andrea Calderwood and Juan Gordon, and written by Paul Laverty. The film features the actors Peter Mullan, Daniel Bruhl, Luis Tosar, Samuli Edelmann and Gary Lewis.

Kenya Trip Oct 08 005
Kenya Trip Oct 08 005
Sadly it's dark so we can see little but the take off as ever is awesome. London disappears! In just minutes the on board tracker shows us over the Channel and astonishingly we are beyond Paris within the hour. 600 mph 35,000 ft. and -61°F outside. Glad I'm not in the cargo hold! Dinner comes at last. The main course appears but I'm a bit on the suspicious side. The offer is chicken, salmon or vegetarian. I opt for chicken as it sounds the safest. Alan does the same and Iain goes for the salmon. The entree is okay some sort of pasta thing. Unfortunately for me the chicken turns out to be a serious chicken curry. Alan thinks it's great but Iain gets most of mine. However Iain had a cheese sandwich left over which he had smuggled through check in. Was I grateful! It's now around 11 p.m. UK time and 1 a.m. Kenyan time. We are due to land at 6:15 a.m. Kenyan time and I sussed that the last two hours of the flight are not likely to be good for sleep. Time to try to get a rest. We dose fairly successfully for a couple of hours but as I suspected we are roused at about 4:30 a.m. with offers of "breakfast". Unfortunately that's not bacon and eggs but at least I have no problem with a roll, a croissant and some jam. A beautiful sunrise begins on the east but we are only able to catch a glimpse as we are on the wrong side of the aircraft. Can't see much of the ground. We pray together for God's anointing and blessing on our trip to Kenya. The aircraft lands smoothly and on schedule at 6:15 a.m.. It's a pleasant morning although a little cloudy. Customs clearance is very straightforward but baggage retrieval seems to take forever. There are only six belts in the baggage hall but they are not well labeled if at all. We position ourselves strategically watching 2 belts each to see if or when our flight is unloaded. Finally a sign appears on one of the belts "ex London". We collect our bags around 7:40 a.m. and are warmly greeted by Gregory and Lawrence as we emerge. A quick photo by the car in front of the terminal building and then off to find Killian somewhere in the middle of Nairobi. Unfortunately Killian is new to Nairobi so he has about as much trouble explaining to us where he is as we have finding him. However we pick him up in the end and head for the hotel. It's only about 8:45 a.m. and check in isn't actually open until 10:30 a.m. but they say it's fine! We dump our bags in our rooms and make arrangements to meet Gregory and team at 3 p.m. this afternoon.
A Thames' Quintet ~ (Dredger), 'Britannia Beaver', heads downstream away from Tilbury/Gravesend passing (General Cargo Vessel), 'Orion' heading the other way ~ (Tugs), 'Regain' and 'Retainer', are moo
A Thames' Quintet ~ (Dredger), 'Britannia Beaver', heads downstream away from Tilbury/Gravesend passing (General Cargo Vessel), 'Orion' heading the other way ~ (Tugs), 'Regain' and 'Retainer', are moo
(Dredger), 'Britannia Beaver' ~ a dredger built in 1991, flying the United Kingdom (UK) flag. IMO Number: 9001667 (General Cargo Vessel), 'Orion' ~ a cargo ship built in 1998, flying the Netherlands (NL) flag. IMO Number: 9143415

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