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cheapest flight to jordan
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cheapest flight to jordan - Up (Four-Disc
Up (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + BD Live) [Blu-ray]
Up (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + BD Live) [Blu-ray]
Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios take moviegoers up, up and away on one of the funniest adventures of all time with their latest comedy-fantasy. Up follows the uplifting tale of 78-year-old balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, who finally fulfills his lifelong dream of a great adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America. But he discovers all too late that his biggest nightmare has stowed away on the trip an overly optimistic 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer named Russell. Their journey to a lost world, where they encounter some strange, exotic and surprising characters, is filled with hilarity, emotion and wildly imaginative adventure.

At a time when too many animated films consist of anthropomorphized animals cracking sitcom one-liners and flatulence jokes, the warmth, originality, humor, and unflagging imagination of Up feel as welcome as rain in a desert. Carl Fredericksen (voice by Ed Asner) ranks among the most unlikely heroes in recent animation history. A 78- year-old curmudgeon, he enjoyed his modest life as a balloon seller because he shared it with his adventurous wife Ellie (Ellie Docter). But she died, leaving him with memories and the awareness that they never made their dream journey to Paradise Falls in South America. When well-meaning officials consign Carl to Shady Oaks Retirement Home, he rigs thousands of helium balloons to his house and floats to South America. The journey's scarcely begun when he discovers a stowaway: Russell (Jordan Nagai), a chubby, maladroit Wilderness Explorer Scout who's out to earn his Elderly Assistance Badge. In the tropical jungle, Carl and Russell find more than they bargained for: Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer), a crazed explorer whose newsreels once inspired Carl and Ellie; Kevin, an exotic bird with a weakness for chocolate; and Dug (Bob Peterson), an endearingly dim golden retriever fitted with a voice box. More importantly, the travelers discover they need each other: Russell needs a (grand)father figure; Carl needs someone to enliven his life without Ellie. Together, they learn that sharing ice-cream cones and counting the passing cars can be more meaningful than feats of daring-do and distant horizons. Pete Docter (Monsters, Inc. ) and Bob Peterson direct the film with consummate skill and taste, allowing the poignant moments to unfold without dialogue to Michael Giacchnio's vibrant score. Building on their work in The Incredibles and Ratatouille, the Pixar crew offers nuanced animation of the stylized characters. Even by Pixar's elevated standards, Up is an exceptional film that will appeal of audiences of all ages. Rated PG for some peril and action. --Charles Solomon

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89% (14)
Walking a Dog in Brussels
Walking a Dog in Brussels
Hi everyone--I'm getting nice and settled here in Leuven. My arrival into Belgium itself was pretty smooth, with only the standard travelling mishaps and confusions. The transatlantic flight was over before I knew it, thanks to a friendly girl from France who I sat next to: American politics, French movies, and cultural differences between countries took up most of the conversation, which passed the time far easier than trying to sleep. Heathrow was hectic, and the waiting lounge for my connecting flight felt like the Rideau Centre. When I finally made it to Leuven, it was with great relief that I met Katrien Timmerman at the train station. Katrien and her husband Bram are friends of Davis Goodman, a high school friend who told me to go to study at Leuven in the first place. They were traveling through Canada this summer when I had the pleasure of meeting them, and they offered me a place to stay for my first few days here. They were fantastic--excellent cooks, knowledgeable guides, and great hosts. They also saved me a ton in accommodation costs. Many thanks to them. The sheer pace of Leuven is astounding--there are only about 90,000 people here, and yet the density and the energy of the town's center feels like Toronto or Montreal during a festival. I pictured a small, unassuming town, and this completely changed my expectations, for the better. After a couple days of registering at the school, renting a bike, and becoming somewhat familiar with the confusing city layout, I went out to try and find the room I'd be spending my next 10-12 months in. Just a word about rooms/studios/apartments: a room is just that, an individual room, about the size of a bedroom, which contains a bed, a sink, a desk, and various other things like a wardrobe and a bookshelf. The kitchen and bathrooms are shared, among various configurations of students--sometimes 8 to a shower, sometimes 4 or 5. A studio is a private apartment with a little kitchenette, sometimes separated from your living or sleeping area, sometimes not. You have your own bathroom as well. Studios vary wildly in price and quality--sometimes the kitchen will be right next to the bed, or the entire thing won't be much bigger than one of the rooms. An apartment is the same as what you'd rent in Canada, but since paying local taxes and energy bills and all the rest can get very complicated when you haven't lived here before, no one recommends it. The first room I looked at was amazing. 26 square metres, 290 Euros per month, and situated in the attic of a big house. Room to put a chair or two in there, some nice, modern furniture, and a lot of counter space next to the sink. A room I'd be proud to have in Canada. A girl had seen the room 15 minutes before me, and had an option on it, which she took the next day. So I didn't get it. However: the shower was in the basement, sort of "in" the kitchen, and shared amongst 7 other students. One of the two toilets was next to my room, the other was outside (and not heated). The kitchen was in the basement as well. And yet all of these things I probably could have easily put up with to get a room that was far bigger than everything else on offer. Oh well. I had an entire day ahead of me to hunt around for something else. The next room I saw was on Bogaardenstraat, a street closed by construction and seemingly inaccessible to anyone but the workers themselves. I called the landlord, who excitedly came out in a clinging white tanktop, hurriedly putting on a proper shirt out on the sidewalk. He was sweating. He took me up a series of depressing, run-down hallways into a room full of confusing and numerous piles of paper. So much paper: hundreds of thousands of neatly stacked pages all over the desk, the shelves, the counters. Is this how students live here? What is this student enrolled in? Maybe it's paper-making. The room was a joke. I told him I'd be back later or would call him, or something. Off I went. From there I biked over to the Tinsestraat to look at my next place. I found the woman working in a beauty supplies store, which she owned and had to lock up in order for me to see the apartment. The beauty shop was pretty well-designed, so I thought maybe the rooms would be as well. I should have known. The best one was painted bright red & yellow and had the now-familiar stink that most of the cheap rooms have here. I took a longer glance around the below-average facilities and bid her thanks. I went into a small cafe and asked for an "American coffee" because I still can't figure out the portions or the names the Europeans give to their coffee. Everything is small and tastes like espresso. The girl at the counter recognized immediately what I wanted (a large, regular style coffee) and gave me a tiny coffee, tasting like espresso. I saw a studio that cost 425 Euros, and its setup was interesting--your bed was on a little elevated dais, your kitchenette was
Nike Jordan Flight 9 Black Red
Nike Jordan Flight 9 Black Red
Sale Air Jordan Flight 9 is another hybrid creation from Jordan Brand. The Cheap Red AJ Flight 9 has the sole of the Air Jordan III, the mesh of the Air Jordan IV, and a number of other elements that are borrowed from past Air Jordan designs. The upper of Wholesale Jordans Flight 9 are constructed of white patent leather, with the red and black accents taking on a slightly less Chicago look thanks to a blue ice outsole. Other Air Jordan hybrids, including the Air Jordan Spi'zike, have been highly sought after by sneakerheads. same attention.

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