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  • Tracking commercial aviation flights is an activity by enthusiasts or concerned citizens. Tracking is not limited to aircraft activity, it can include tracking of airport activity. Flight tracking via software is a relatively new activity.
  • Dashboard is an application for Apple's Mac OS X operating systems, used for hosting mini-applications known as widgets. First introduced in Tiger, it is a semi-transparent layer that is invisible to the user unless activated by clicking its icon in the Dock.
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HotDocs 2010!
HotDocs 2010!
Outspoken. Outstanding. For sure! This documentary film festival is good enough reason to never move away from Toronto--it is one of my favourite things about living here. This was the third I was able to participate in and the films were really good this year. On my ten screening pass (plus free midnight films) I saw the following: Kings of Pastry (with Seltzer Works) Well done--a look inside the competition for the prize of master craftperson of pastry in France. The French take these things quite seriously and this film takes you into a world you probably would never really know about. True heartbreaking scenes included. Bonus film Seltzer Works was crisp, clean and to the point--and it really made me long for New York Selzter. Casino Jack and the United States of Money This one rambled a bit but it did give a very complete history of how Jack Abarmoff came to power and how the system allowed for it. No big suprises here--most Americans know just how messed up the system is giving all of the lobbying that goes on. Campaigns should be publicy funded--everyone that qualifies should get the same money to run on and lobbying should just about be done away with. Dish: Women, Waitressing & The Art of Service My first of the year and a great way to start! We all go out to eat but not all of us (including myself) have worked in the service industry and hence do not have the inside scoop. My only complaint would be that this film simply portrays--there is not a big issue or climax that we build up to. All the same, it was well worth the price of admission. I really want to try that diner in Toronto that was portrayed--it is very close to the George Brown campus I'm attending for photography once a week. The Mirror (with Freshwater Plague) This was not as good as I thought it would be. The idea of a small Italian town in the Alps trying to install a huge mirror which would allow some sunlight into the town during winter seemed like a good subject. And I appreciate that the director tried to tell us the story of the town itself and the German hippies that took over. But I don't just needed something more and something less. Opening film Freshwater Plaque was neat. Note to self, don't visit Thunder Bay during bug season. Gasland This film won the best scene. When a resident lights his tab water on fire you can't believe your eyes. But they do it again and again from several different houses. It turns out that shooting some 600+ toxic chemicals into the ground in order to pump out natual gas contaminates ground water. DUH!!!!! How did anyone think that this wouldn't be an issue? The film reveals that Dick Cheney's Energy Plan allowed for this kind of horrible action--it pretty much gutted years of environmental protection that the US was able to build over the last decades. It was a pretty emotional film as again we see proof that big corporation works with government so that they can get away with doing whatever they want for short term gains. Powerful stuff and I hope everyone sees this, especially because natual gas has been discovered in other parts of the world and we have to have clean water to survive as a race. The Invention of Dr. Nakamats (with Arsy-Versy) Fun film, not really serious. Many of Dr. Nakamats inventions are not exactly breakthroughs but like the man, they are clever. He is quite a character and the documentary offers a nice glimpse into his life. Opener Arsy-Versy was also a bit odd given the subject is older than I am, still lives at home, has never had a job and is pretty much only concerned with photographing bats. The People Vs. George Lucas There were points when it was hard not to think that "Ok, we get it, we don't need one more nerd saying something funny (and nerdy) to the camera about his love of Star Wars." I had no idea that so many people were as into it. I had the toys too and still think the movies are cool but well...all things in modernation, right? After seeing the film I do see that Lucas has pretty much sold out and is a hypocrite. But, so what? 1991 The Year Punk Broke Eh. I did not like grunge back then and I do not like it now although I have come to appreciate Sonic Youth and that kind of arty noise rock. Nope. 1991 was all about UK bands. My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. Blur's Leisure. Primal Scream's Screamadelica. And most importantly my favourite album of all time ever, Billy Bragg's Don't Try This At Home. I much would have seen a film about any of those bands than seeing Kurt Corbaine clowning around backstage...and on stage. Blank City New York City. ~1979. Like modern day Detroit, parts of the city are nowhere you want to be. Burned out buildings, zero facilities and lots of young people creating a new style. I had thought that the film would be more about the music of that time and place but it was really about the little indie films people made with whatever they could get their han
What Traffic?
What Traffic?
11/24/10 - Day 341 Found a great and free iPad app called Trip Tracker for live flight tracking. So much for the Thanksgiving travel crowds. My son's flight from Denver was early this morning. And I zipped in and out of the airport to pick him up, all with zero delays. Shot for today's Daily Shoot #374: "Illustrate the process or thought of traveling today, possibly by documenting your own travels."

live flight tracker free